The issue of pay and SRB record books has been a touchy subject with me since my entry in the Marines. I only ask that my pay and records not be altered. I have been given the shaft since the begining and am quite sick and tired of it. This year due to my tax claiming options I ended up owing over $600.00 to the IRS cause my CAC had audited my SRB without my signature or permission. They changed my claim status so it differed from what was last signed on my tax claim form. They said too bad there was nothing they could do. The IRS said it was between my unit and me and the Unit said it was between the IRS and me. Then I reached my EAS on June 10th 05 and I voluntarily came back in the Active Reserve on the 21st of Jun. I have been reporting without pay, allowances, and benifets since that time. The reason is my unit could gain me untill a lazy civilian gained me in the system in Kansas City. How does a overpaid lazy civilian control our pay, benifets, and allowances? This field never should have been turned civilian cause at the end of the day which is 1630 whether they're finished or not they leave paid not caring otherwise.