Less than a week to gooo!!!
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    Talking Less than a week to gooo!!!

    WOW!!! Time is really moving now... I am down to 7 days from my Arrival Date of June 20... I count 6 b/c I will be gone from home that day...

    ----6 Days to go!!!----

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    I remember when you were grieving about how long it was taking. LOL. Take care now.

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    Good luck Kazi. Which MCRD are ya shipping to?

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    just signed my 72 hour preship yesterday, next off to MEPS Syracuse then PI!! i'll be back in 3 months to tell all ya poolees about how it was! remember to keep looking for refferals, and keep studying your booklet from your "welcome aboard package".

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    Good Luck 0300 Poolee we will miss you. Make us proud and earn the title then come back and report in to us as our brother and a United States Marine.

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    Good luck again 0300 Poolee go and do what it takes. Remember you are not alone you have fellow Marines with you in all you do. Semper Fi.TazMatt Sgt.U.S.M.C.69-75.

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    One word of advice, be accountable for all of your gear.

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    shippin out to san diego in three days

    shippin out to san diego in three days

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    Uh oh, tomorrow Kazi gets to meet his best friends during Boot Camp...

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    The funny thing is they'll hate their parents with such anger throughout the whole cycle, and then they'll want to be exactly like them the last couple of days. Funny how it works out.

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    Outstanding analogy Pvt Drake and so very true.

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