Service Women not being allowed in Combat anymore...
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    Thumbs up Service Women not being allowed in Combat anymore...

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    I've been reading about that elsewhere. It's seems that the Army is worried because the only way it can fill the combat ranks is to do so with women. One report said that women comprise about 15% of the active duty military.

    The Army is working to reorganize to smaller combat units, (Like the Marines have always been), but to do so would mean that 27% of those positions would be held by women on active duty, 30% by women in the Reserve and 18% in the National Guard.

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    I've said it before...I personally don't think women belong in combat ranks. Not that they aren't capable of doing so if they are properly trained but I would hate to see one of my Marine brothers having to depend upon someone who's training wasn't up to the Marine Corps standards of combat. Semper Fi

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    I dont have a problem with women being close to the battle, such as nurses or doctors but to have a women doing the everyday duties of a grunt i dont agree with or any other duties in a combat zone...

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    Women can fill stateside billets that were vacated by the men being sent to battle.

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    Men will not (and cannot) function to their full capabilities as long as they view females to be mothers, sisters, daughters, etc., it just will not work. They have different weight classes in boxing right......? Do female pro atheletes compete against pro male atheletes? Why not? How come the PGA and LPGA don't merge? Duh!

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    I totally agree, but have you looked at what they are saying? They will allow women on the front lines but not in jobs that will cause them to engage in combat. What kind of job "on the front lines" doesn't engage in combat? If you are driver hauling supplies to the front lines and you are engaged by the enemy, don't you shoot back?

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    PFC Lynch, enough said.

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    yes fill the billets at home with the service woman thats a better idea and leave the fighting to the Men..

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    Here we go again! F*** that whole leave the fighting to men attiude. That mentality is bulls**t in it's finest form. I understand that woman in combat might no be a good idea but never forget that if need be, we can come through. I'm not speaking for any woman, just my Female Marines out there. That Lynch chick is a sad display of feminine. I still think one day Woman will take their place along side men in combat. YEAH I said it and I don't give a rats @** what anyone has to say about it. Semper FI. Get Some. Oohrah, and all that other happy horse trash.

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    Damn girl you go girl... I dont think the ladies cant do the job its been stomped into us men that women do not fight and not to be allowed to do so. Yes thatfemale that mentality is bullhockey but the buttom line thats the mentality that has been for years and your not going to change a mans world over night. as far as women being 45 miles back from the actual fighting and handling support and filling the billets i dont have a problem with that at all. but being right next to me firing live fire i do have a problem with it and its all because We Men have been taught a woman is sacred and we should do everything within our power to keep them safe.. Is it wrong?? Some say yes.. Some say No.. I doubt in my life time i will ever see a woman grunt in the Marine Corps.. as a matter of fact i would bet my last dollar that i wont... semper fi..

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    Well, good debate, but, consider this. As a media type, all this critiquing of this subject is crap. The reality is just this: America is NOT ready to see it's ladies coming home in body bags. You can tell me that they already are till you are blue in the face. Let me reassure you, I am for it. In '85 I had a young lady face me in the line at the Geiger chow hall, she was a student and I was a Corporal in 1/8. She told me she would take my job as an 0351 anytime. I said "hey, have at it." If women want to go fight, let them. But no special treatment, no separation, no nothing. When it's on, it's on. The Army is undisciplined, and weak in their leadership. Marines have that knocked. Still, in a firefight, I'll bet you that if a woman get's hit, hrscowboy said it, we willALL run to her aid. It is in our nature.
    As for Lynch, don't get me started.

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    Hey ssgt i agree with ya but you know we have these women in the service and in the world that have this idea that they have to prove something and being in combat is there number 1 peeve.. not being able to go is really got a burr under there saddle.. but like you said aint no one ready to see women coming home in body bags no matter what branch of the service there in....

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    If a woman is by nature a creator of life and a nurturer, why would they want to take human life?

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    Lucien2, I'm not saying that I want to take a human life as I'm sure none of my Marines out there do but if I have to, I'm prepared to do it. I am a Marine first! My sex, and all that other crap falls into second place. I understand though, the issues dealing with woman in combat but I still feel like I should be out there getting some. Ms. Lynch is a sorry display of what a woman should be like in combat. She used this little incident for fortune and fame. If I ever saw her I'd... Let me act like a little lady. Semper FI all.

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