here is a question for all you poolees
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    here is a question for all you poolees

    Here is a question for all you out there..........

    1. What year was Gen Lewis B. Puller enlist into the Marine Corps.

    2. What month & year did Gen Puller become commissioned as a 2nd LT.

    3. Before being commissioned as a 2nd LT, he spent 5 yrs at this duty station. Where was this duty station located at.

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    Sgt. Here is your answers

    He enlisted in 1918

    He became a 2nd LT in March of 1924

    He was stuck at Gendarmerie d'Haiti for five yrs.

    Semper Fi Sgt.

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    He retired in November of 1955

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    In June 1919 he was a Reserve 2nd LT but because of the downsizing after world war one he was turned inactive and re-enlisted as regular enlisted. He wasnt really stuck in Haiti, he wanted action and he found it there, good job though Poolee Parrish. I just finished another book on him.


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    good job there parrish03xx....working on another one for you poollees in a few.....................

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    Who is the most famous sniper in Marine Corps history and what was hit trade mark..........

    what was his longest confirmed kill.

    when he retired his plaque read what.

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    Carlos Hathcock, not sure about the mark one shot one kill? Or being called White Feather?
    Longest confirmed kill was 2500 yards I believe.
    Do not know the last question.

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    yes his trade mark was the white feather and your right it was 2500 yds........

    anyone else that might know what his plaque read

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    " There have been many marines. And there have been many Marine Marksmen. But there is only one Marine Sniper-Gunnery Sgt. Carlos N. Hathcock II. One Shot-One Kill. "...Im pretty sure he recieved it from his commanding officer.

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    My recruiter was telling me about the guy who cuts his hair. His hair cutter guy is a former Marine, who made it all the way up the ranks to Master Gunnery Sergeant, until some General decided that he was officer Material. so he then gets all the way up to fullbird colonel. Apparently, the General who felt he was officer material, was none other than "Chesty". Also, on that Marine Corps sniper, i believe he had 93 confirmed kills, was famous for his long stalk of an NVA general, and single handedly eradicated a NVA company over the course of about a week i think. Not completely sure however...

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    yes your both right if you would like a great book about him the name of it is "93 confirmed kills" it is a great book to read, i couldn't put it down an i hate reading

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    He didn't single handedly take on a company of NVA, it was him and his spotter. Between the two of them they took out most of the company and finished them off with a napalm strike I believe (it was either that or with arty). That story is also in the book "One Shot, One Kill", along with the stalking of the NVA general.

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    Who was the Sniper that got more Kills then Carlos Hathcock in the Vietnam war? Thats a good question. I forgot the guys name but I will look it up while I wait on the answer. if I recalled he had 113 kills.

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    Was he Marine Corps or Army because I know that a Army dude got over 200 confirmed kills.....and sorry I havne't came up with anymore the last couple of day been busy at work...

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