Mass Graves Undiscovered Under Iraq's U.N. Cover
May 2, 2005

by Bob Newman

Here is part of a report from CNNís website dated 30 April 2005:

Forensic experts are investigating a mass grave thought to contain the remains of as many as 1,500 Kurds killed in the 1980s.

The grave, with 18 trenches, is in Samawa, 230 miles (370 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, along the Euphrates River. Most of Iraq's Kurds live in the north of the country.

"We know they're Kurdish victims because of the clothing and artifacts that were found with the bodies," said Gregg Nivala, an attorney with the Department of Justice's Regime Crimes Liaison Office.

Nivala said more than 300 mass graves have been found in Iraq, but investigators have only been able to get to two. It is not clear how many bodies are in any of the other graves.

In the late 1980s, Saddam Hussein's government forcibly removed Kurds from their homes in the country's north in an attempt to resettle their communities with Arabs.

"We believe that more than half of the Iraqi population have someone who is missing in their family," Bakhtiar Amin, outgoing Iraqi Human Rights Minister and a Kurd. About 26 million people live in Iraq.

Investigators working at the grave since early April have recovered the remains of 113 people. With the exception of five, all are women and children.

About 15 percent of the bodies had identification cards.

It is thought that the trenches were dug by the Kurds, who were shot right at the edge of the trenches and buried in them.

* * *

More than 300 known mass graves in Iraq, courtesy of Saddam Hussein and his bloodthirsty henchmen. In the cited Samawa mass grave, 108 of the 113 bodies were those of women and children.

There is, of course, no way of telling at this time how many mass graves there really are in Iraq or how many women and children lie in them.

Curious to see what Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch had to see about this latest find, I went to their respective websites. Imagine my total absence of surprise when I found not so much as a mention on either site. What I expected to find and did find was a front-page link on the Human Rights Watch website leading to a lengthy article that complained bitterly about the new Iraqi governmentís desire to try in absentia those mass murderers suspected of carrying out these monstrous deeds who are now fugitives from justice, some of whom are, of course, conducting the horrific terrorist attacks we see daily in Iraq.

On the Amnesty International website, the top-of-the-page article read: One year after Abu Ghraib, torture continues. The article claims American soldiers and agents are running torture chambers presumably on orders from George W. Bush.

Fascinating. Human Rights Watch doesnít utter so much as a peep about the mass graves and Amnesty International has charged, tried and convicted God knows how many US soldiers and government agents with crimes against humanity without a trial, judge or jury.

No one should be shocked by the actions and words of these hate-filled, anti-freedom organizations. Mired in hypocrisy, their long-standing goal has been to subject America and her allies to as much baseless ridicule as possible, while whenever possible ignoring any and all evidence that freedom is on the march in Asia and the Middle East because of the Bush Doctrine.

How many genocidal regimes have been removed from power and how many democracies have been formed by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch?


How many mass graves will never exist because of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch?


How many genocidal regimes have been removed from power by the United States and its allies since October 2001?


How many mass graves will never exist because the United States and its allies have put tyrants on notice that they might very well have to face the US, British, Australian, Italian and other democraciesí militaries if they slaughtered the innocent?

Thereís no way of telling, but the number is obviously far more than zero.

And now, no thanks to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, the Syrian army has fled Lebanon after 29 years of occupation, elections were recently held in Saudi Arabia, election reforms are planned for Egypt, Libya turned over its entire and quite large weapons of mass destruction program to the United States and Great Britain, and democracy has been born in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The response to these facts from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch?

America is evil.

For those people who hate America, the next time you are digging a mass grave that you and your family will soon be thrown into after a shot to the back of the head, give Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch a jingle.

Iím sure theyíll be right over to save you.

Bob Newman