Is there a Recruiter in the house? (re-3p)
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    Is there a Recruiter in the house? (re-3p)

    I am trying to reenlist with an RE-3P and am looking for a recruiter who has knowledge of the waiver process. If possible, I'd like to start an off-board dialogue about it. Here is the story:

    I shipped to Parris Island 20040105 and ended up coming home about halfway through boot camp. I had used inhalers seven years prior to boot camp, but did not disclose (in hindsight, completely stupid). I didn't think I could get a waiver for it, but it turns out I could have. I do not have asthma and was never diagnosed with it as a child (a doctor THOUGHT I had it once, but I was NEVER diagnosed with it). I did have bronchitis a few times and that was the reason for the inhalers. They did the tests on me at the Naval Hospital to confirm. The Chief cleared me back to training, but the non-disclosure did me in.

    My reenlistment code is 3P and my DD214 does say fraudulent enlistment. While still on Parris Island, I was told that I was eligible to reenlist. Between coming home and now, the Marine Corps has been pretty fat and happy and therefore was unwilling to work with a 3P. I think the recruiting climate is a little different now, though, and I want to start getting ready to reenlist. My goal is to go in about a year (I started working on my teaching credential after I came home; I need to finish it before I leave). It's a long way away, but I want to do this right and have all my ducks in a row and I am sure the process will take some time.

    The questions I have:
    1) Do any of you have experience in working with a 3P? If so, what is the process for reenlistment? I know I need to have the asthma test redone on my own to prove that I do not have it, but after that what needs to be done?
    2) Would letters of recommendation from Recruiters/Marines/Supervisors help my case? I tend to think they would, but to whom would they be submitted?
    3) As a 3P with non-disclosure, am I correct in thinking that I would not be able to be in the DEP-as in, would I just have to ship right away?

    I am trying to get some foot work and research done before I go talk to my recruiters. They are great, but have no experience working with my reenlistment code, so I am trying to help us all out by finding as much information as possible.

    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated, thank you all in advance.


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    Look at my cover do I look like a damn recruiter? haha ok JK recruiters out there go get them and bring them to me............

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    haha You know what's funny is I jumped a little when I saw your screen name. Are you currently on the Drill Field? My husband went through in 2002, Platoon 1039.

    I spoke to a recruiter about an hour ago and he confirmed that they are able to work with my re code, so now all I need to do is get the test done proving that I do not have asthma and get a letter from my doc stating that I am fit for training. He also said letters of rec would not hurt, so I am going to start putting those together, too.

    If there's anyone out there who has any BTDT experience with this, and can offer tips or clues, I would be very grateful!

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    Best of luck Jen. I'm in a similar ship...tell me how it goes!

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    CrazyBrave, I remember you from before I went to boot camp. We never talked or anything, but I remember your name. When were you on the Island?

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    Yes I am a current DI but I was not a DI when your husband came through here......

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    20031201, Medical Discharge from the Island...initially was classified as a "Fraudulent Medical" But I've since got it cleared by the secretary of the navy.

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    CrazyBrave- How did you get it cleared? Do you mind my asking what the situation was? (I am wondering if it's anything that can be applied to mine)

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    Jen you can join the National guard or Army they will take you, and there are full time positions open..

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    My situation revolved around my knee which had already had 2 surgeries prior to enlisting. This was fully disclosed to MEPS, but upon my entrance to RSP they applied the "Fraudulent" to the discharge. Getting it cleared wasn't too hard, but it took time...since everything was documented and it was obvious to anyone that I let my recruiter and MEPS know about it, that made it move faster.

    I just wrote a congressman and got the gears rolling.

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    This must be a common thing among the damn recruiters to do this sort of thing. The JERK recruiter in Columbia, MO, did the same damn thing to my Grandson (only this was a problem with his ankle). When I was on recruiting duty, sure we had that damn quota, but you followed your rules and submitted the required paperwork on these kids. The recruiter who screwed up my Grandson's paperwork is not on recruiting duty any longer!!!!


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    That's unfortunate what happened to your grandson. I think a large amount of it (recruiter error nonwithstanding) is the Marine Corps trying to 'cover their a**', for lack of a better term. I don't blame them for it. There have probably been kids that find a loophole and sue due to prior service injuries acting up at Recruit doing this is somewhat of an insurance notcher. It stunk but it's all behind me now and I'm attempting to re-enlist somewhere down the line (if the knee gets better.)

    If your grandson is still going through grief with the DD-214, have him get in touch with a local takes time but it gets the job done.

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    Anything is waiverable was the motto when I recruited in Buffalo New York Apr 80 - Jun 83. Let me clearup what that means.

    1. If you shipped to Parris Island and were discharged from Recruit training it doesn't look good for the home team first of all. The (RE-3P) is designated for a reason:
    a. There is a moral issue or a integrity problem beacuse of the RE code given to.

    2. It is up to you to prove yourself physically, mentally and morally.

    b. Avid avids from well known persons, i.e., pastors, mayor, police chief, etc...

    c. It is your burden to take care of this. The recruiter will probably not be able to help you much as they are beating the bushes for other qualified applicants. When I was there on recruiting duty we were ordered not to waste our time on matters like these. Please do not think that this is a waste of time it can be waived but by going to a congressman or woman doesn't mean that you have a shoein vote to get back in. Your lucky that there wasn't a congret on the recruiter that put you in that part does help.

    In may look dismal, but well it is. In may take up to a year or more. I did not want to sugar coat anything. You asked for advice. I am sure that there are other recruiters out there and eventually they will read a reply to this. If I have steered you incorrectly I apologize in advance. The recruiting service goes by what is called the MPPM. It is more than a guidline it is the manual for personnell procurement.

    I wish you the best of luck and please prove me wrong.

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    Sm@@thrider-- I did speak to the Army awhile back, but my heart is really not in it. I want very much to earn the (second) chance to prove my mettle as a Marine. Once all Marine Corps avenues are exhausted, I will reconsider the Army.

    GySgtRet-- Thank you for the advice! Luckily, I have a good relationship with the recruiters in the office from where I shipped. No one there knows much about dealing with my re code because they've never come across such a case (that and Oceanside recruiters have never had a problem in finding people who want to enlist), which is why I am trying to research it so I will have information to take back to them. I am also starting to put together letters of recommendation... so far I have a retired Sgt Mjr, a couple of recruiters and the assistant principal of the high school where I teach. I will most certainly take your suggestion of contacting my congressman.

    I am more than willing to put in the time and work required to earn a second chance on the yellow footprints and I am prepared for the long haul.

    Thank you!

    What is a congret?

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    congret----Congressional Investigation

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