Jane Fonda makes our blood boil but don't forget about Henry Kissinger
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    Jane Fonda makes our blood boil but don't forget about Henry Kissinger

    He was an unemployed professor that the government drug up out of the gutter, dusted him off and gave him a job.

    "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."--- Henry Kissinger as quoted in the book "Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed It's Own POW's in Vietnam."

    Never forget


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    ya he was another worthless piece of skin tissue...!!!


    God bless the Corps

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    haha, if thats the case, i'll quit my job right now and ask them to pay my car insurance.

    I'd rather be a "pawn used in foreign policy" than a bum.

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    Re: Jane Fonda makes our blood boil but don't forget about Henry Kissinger

    Originally posted by greensideout
    [B How the United States Betrayed It's Own POW's in Vietnam."
    Never forget

    GSO [/B]
    Seems like their was alot of BETRAYAL going on during the 60's-70's..........And sad to have to admit it but about 99% of it was coming from our loyal...and most beloved Government. LOLOL ya right..!!

    But thats been about 30 yrs ago by now................So who remembers that.????????????????


    God bless the Corps

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    I don't know anything about Kissinger. Politics and policy is always changing. Who do they alway end up calling?

    Sometimes I think our little Marine smiley icon should have a variant. One with a frown, one with a grimace, and one with a downright p*ssed attitude.

    (that's enough rant for me this morning)

    Semper Fidelis, that's what we can always count on.

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    Yeh, I rank ole worthless henry almost up there with jane "worthless piece of skin tissue" fonda. We had some real winners back in those days. I think some of the scumbags (movie "stars", politicians, etc.) of today are trying to beat out the scumbags of the 60's. One thing about it though, they are all SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My rant this morning


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    Which one of you guys in Kansas City spit tobacco juice on her? There was a picture of the hero on the web, I know there is a bunch of Marines that ran to the 7-11 to buy as much Red Man as they stuff in their mouths.

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    Can't believe I made that work!, Is that you Ole Sarge?

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    She should be glad he didn't just kill the b*tch! Did any of you ever see the Hanoi Jane Urinal Target? One hangs in the urinal of my families bar, my grandfather (a vietnam Vet) put the first one in there long ago.

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    more jane fonda

    Missouri Man Spits on Jane Fonda

    1 hour, 53 minutes ago

    TIM CURRAN, Associated Press Writer

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man spit tobacco juice into the face of actress Jane Fonda after waiting in line to have her sign her new book, police said.

    The man ran off but was quickly caught by police Tuesday night and charged with disorderly conduct.

    Fonda has been on tour and doing interviews to promote her just-published memoir, "My Life So Far." The thrice-married, two-time Academy Award winner covers a wide array of topics, including her 1972 visit to Hanoi to protest the Vietnam War, during which she was photographed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. She has apologized for that photo, but not for opposing the war.

    Capt. Rich Lockhart of the Kansas City Police Department said that although Fonda did not want to press charges against Michael A. Smith, 54, of Kansas City, he was arrested on a municipal charge of disorderly conduct after off-duty officers caught him just outside Unity Temple, where Fonda was signing books.

    Lockhart said Smith was released on bond late Tuesday night and is due to appear in municipal court on May 27.

    Smith, a Vietnam veteran, told The Kansas City Star on Wednesday that Fonda was a "traitor" and that her protests against the war were unforgivable. He said he normally does not chew tobacco but did so Tuesday solely to spit juice on the actress.

    "I consider it a debt of honor," he told The Star for a story on its Web site, www.kansascity.com. "She spit in our faces for 37 years. It was absolutely worth it. There are a lot of veterans who would love to do what I did."

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    Jane Fonda Hard Cover $17.95
    Red Man Chewing Tobacco $7.50
    Spitting in the face of a traitor,

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    Outstanding Wing! I guess that they need to change the Cover to add another day to her life---LMAO

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    This broad is very lucky someone didnt walk in there and kick the dog shilitz out of her for what shes done. She feels in her mind that if she says I am sorry for what i done back then its all over?? Well listen up Miss Hanoi Jane this was only a beginning and you can bet it wont be the last. What part of traitor do you not understand Lady? Your life is going to be a living hell here until the day you die. enuff said..

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    Oh and by the way Miss fonda you can bet theres plenty of veterans here in Kansas City that will more than glad to pay this gentlemans fines.

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