Look For MSGT Terry F. Pede
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    Look For MSGT Terry F. Pede

    Marine Master Sergeant, Terry F. Pede, son of Francis L. and Mary G. Pede, St. Vincent, recently completed an exercise in Kuwait while assigned to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), embarked aboard the ships of the USS Boxer Amphibious Ready Group.

    Marines from Pede's unit participated in the Exercise Eager Mace, a 25 day exercise involving combined arms training. The exercise was conducted to improve the bilateral interoperability between Kuwait and U.S. military forces. It was the largest exercise Pede's unit will participate in during the deployment and enabled his unit to train with all of its weapons systems in a live fire environment.

    Pede's unit is an expeditionary intervention force with the ability to rapidly organize for combat operations in virtually any environment. MEUs are composed of more than 2,000 personnel and are divided into an infantry battalion, an aircraft squadron, a support group and a command element. With the combination of these teams, Pede's unit supplies and sustains itself for either quick mission accomplishment or clearing the way for follow-on forces.

    Sgt Sostand

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    G- 3 ops chief in Pendleton...he is a MGySgt now

    I Mef G-3 you want phone #?

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    want his email?

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    Yes i want this E-Mail or you can give him mine


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    I sent him your email today........

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    i have not recive no e-mail form him yet today is March 30

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