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    Quote Originally Posted by DocLivefire View Post

    fake Marine.
    the coward.
    the cyber terrorist who makes threats of violence while hiding behind his mommy's computer.
    the lying punk.
    the sissiboi bragging about what a big brave Marine warrior he is and threatening anyone who disagrees with him.
    Why does such a badass warrior have to hide behind a fake name and anonymous profile?
    the punk or the psychopath stalker?
    Which is it little girl?
    Enquiring minds want to know...

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    Dec 2014

    WHO THE *uck are you Sweetpea ?

    drag your ass in here and comment on a thread
    that hasn't been posted on in over a year.

    your emptyass civilian profile should be reason
    enough to ban yerA$$ outta here..."real quick"

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    Guest Free Member
    Doclive has been terminated for several reasons...

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    About 30 years ago Yankee Magazine had s story of two US ARmy Veterans of the Chosin Reservoir campaign

    1st USMC/7th Div pictures

    The North Korean Campaign has an unresolved legacy to this day

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