What's the best wristwatch for a grunt?
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    What's the best wristwatch for a grunt?

    Just curious. What is a good reliable wristwatch for a down and dirty Marine grunt?

    Budget: $100.00 max (hopefully less)
    Must be able to withstand the rigors of Marine training and participation. Digital? Analog? Solar? Battery? Legibility? Battery life ? Compass? Atimeter/Barometer/Thermometer? Can the user replace the battery without going to a watch repair specialist. Reliability a must.

    I have been researching wrist watches for a bout a week now and the one I am leaning towards is a LaCrosse Technologies Digital Compass XG20 wristwatch which is new for 2005 and costs about $65.00.

    There is aslo the Field and Stream Digital Compass/Altimeter/Barometer/Thermometer wrist watch that is warranted for 5 years at day of purchase for $119..which is a little over my budget.

    Could use some input. Thanks in advance.

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    Hmm... not a grunt, but in my experience, most of the Marines I've known, from PFCs through First Sergeants, wear a 30 dollar Timex, or something similar. Something that you can take to the field, bang around, and not worry about.

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    Thank you, LivinSoFree. I should have not used the word Grunt. My error. Your choice of words was much better. "Take to the field, bang around, and not worry about it."
    Timex does make an Expedition model which has an electronic compass on it, that has been rated highly, but to replace the battery you would need to unscrew four screws holding the back plate. I guess at $30 or dollars you really don't have to worry about it...just get another one. Thanks again.

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    The compass feature looks attractive.

    I always preferred the cheap Timex Atlantis models. Alarm, dual time zones, night light, countdown timer, stop watch.

    And the cheapness held less temptation for the "Lance-Criminals" and unscrupulous hostesses.

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    I'm guessing you've checked out the Casio 'G' Shock series. I wore one for years, diving, camping, hunting, all the above.
    The recessed face crystal helps in the bumping around, but they are kinda thick. I always thought that could be a drawback in a 'tactical' situation, but you get used to it.

    Nothing luminous on it to glow, have a nice backlight. I wore one over 2 years without having to put a battery in it, but I INTENTIONALLY almost never used the light. I wear a Seiko (divers watch) these days, says 3 year battery life, I got 6, and it wasn't dead yet. I was just getting worried about it getting old, and didn't want it to go out if I got into a dive.

    I don't know if they do one with a compass or not, and not sure how much that would be needed. I've seen something with a 'vibrating' alarm, that I thought would be neat, no noise to alert you. Don't remember exactly where, maybe a Timex.

    I'd also suggest one of those 'commando' watch bands that covers the watch itself. They are velcro, so I'd think about sending a replacement @ 6 months.

    Hope this is food for thought.


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    Owned a number of Timex Expedition watches in my day. I really liked they way they felt and the features they had. I esp. like the digital/analog combo.. goes as well with Alphas as it does with Cammies.

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    Wore a G-Shock for 4 years as a grunt and I still wear it today

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    hmnn everyone I knew used to wear timex "Ironman" watches.

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    I'v had five watches in my life including 2 in 'Nam. All Timex's. You can dunk them, soak them, bang them and just about everything else and they still keep working. Expidition model is their best one (my opinion). All three of my kids even wear them. For thirty bucks, you can't go wrong...

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    In the mid to late 80's (maybe other times too), Timex made the watch for the military. I was issused the watch. Very basic, analog with 12 and 24 hour numbers and a nylon band. It was very light weight and thin. All of it was in our favorite OD color. I thought it was the perfect fit for military duty.

    I would expect that they still make that watch or something similar. They were cheap, you could buy the whole squad one on the buget you mention.

    Remember the ads when they would strap a Timex on an outboard motor and show it running through the water and then hold it up and say, "Timex---It takes a lick'in and keeps on ticking."

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    Devil Dog Osotagary,

    In line with greensideout get a watch with a good band; one that's comfortable, and will protect your watch whatever you purchase. Beides that, wearin the watch on your wrist is not always the best bet. In some ocassions it's just as well to wear it on a front belt loop. Ya dig? So you want a band that you can remove and replace quickly. Maybe somethin velcro? Just a thought.

    Semper Fi

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    By the way, I'm Arty. Can't believe any other self respecting 0311 didnt give you the same advice. Maybey you should consider bieng a great 08? We do it all. Shoot. Move. and Communicate.

    Don't wanna be in the Infantry. Keep Recon away from me. Put me in Artillery. Them big Bad Guns is the place for me.

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    I got a great Casio analog/digital for $72. It looks a lot like those big Seikos everyone had in Nam, but the digital really makes it better. Also has the moveable timer on the bezel.
    Also have a Chase-Durer Wing Commander chronograph.

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    Originally posted by kentmitchell

    Also have a Chase-Durer Wing Commander chronograph.

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    Cripes! Just looked it up, $299 on sale. It can display in 1/20ths of a second.

    It's a very nice looking watch and all, but why would you need 1/20th measurements unless your blind navigating by stopwatch and a map?

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