19 Febuary 1045...The invasion of Iwo Jima, my tribute to those Marines
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    19 Febuary 1045...The invasion of Iwo Jima, my tribute to those Marines

    Today is 19 Febuary in the Far East, so we wish to render this small tribute to those Marines and Corpsmen.

    On 19 February, 1945, a day that now is a great part of the history of the Marine Corps.
    We wish to give our respects to many who were in the service of our beloved Corps.
    I made this web page a few years back, warning there's embedded music.

    My Tribute to the Marines of Iwo Jima

    We salute those Marines and Corpsmen that never made it back.
    Hand Salute.

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

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    Events in the DC area 19 February 2005

    If anyone is interested and in DC tomorrow, Sat, 19 Feb:

    10 a.m.: Commemoration and wreath-laying ceremony at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, VA

    11:30 a.m.: Wreath laying at the National World War II Memorial, National Mall, Washington, DC

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    I am reading Flags of our fathers right now and it is an incredible book. I reccomend it to any Marine but especially those interested in Iwo Jima

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    Thumbs up

    Semper fi, all. I have had the great honor and pleasure of visiting Charles Lindberg in his home. It was better than peaches and pound cake. What a Marine!

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    To those who are interested in the History of the Battle for Iwo Jima. I have an autographed COPY of the First Flag Raising on Iwo. I have tried to share it with as many as possible here. If you'd like me to send a copy please write me at jfreas@rochester,rr,com I will be more than happy to share it with you.

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    OOPs , forgot put Flag Raising in the subject line.

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    0351, great numbers, as I once held that MOS.
    On Charles Lindberg, read that he was the last of the first flag raisers, than other Marine was found of the first flag raisers on 23 Febuary 1945.
    It was great that you were able to visit this great Marine in his home.

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

    It sad, they were not given their due, while many were still alife.
    Many on Iwo Jima, were not aware of the second flag raising, but luck had it as the most famous of the two.

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    To Millrat:

    Thank you for the tribute, my Dad was on Iwo and I copied this page to show him, thank you and Semper Fi..

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    crew, I want to thank you for your kind words to me, it was a labor of love.
    One because of bravery and valor that was common on that island.
    So please give my best to your dad and our "Semper Fi's" to one of many who service is now part of the Marine Corps history.
    He and many other made it possible, for us to say with a proud feeling, "I'm a Marine".

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi
    Ricardo aka MillRatUSMC

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    Coincidentally, the annual reunion of the Iwo Jima veterans is being held in my city this weekend .

    Newspaper article here:

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    Please write the newspaper that article appeared in and advice them, that it was six instead of three Marines, actually it was five Marine and one Corpsman in the second but most famous flag raising.
    Great story other than that little mistake.
    Hope you get to meet many of those Marines and Corpsmen from the Iwo Jima invasion.

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

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    Would you believe I completely missed that when I read the article?

    Damn, I hate it when I do that. Oh well, back to Boot Camp for me.

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    Today been 2/20 in the Far East.
    Marines start their advance south to Mt. Suribachi and north to the airfields.
    The fighting up the mountain some of the most intense during the war.
    Japanese soldiers entrenched in the mountain and would have to be taken out by flame throwers and satchel charges.
    Close air support by Naval and Marine pilots sometimes only a few hundred yards from advancing Marines.
    Use of Cruisers and Destroyers for close bombardment on Japanese defenses.
    No Banzai attacks by the Japanese. This would insure it to be a long drawn out battle.
    Marines even have to resort to setting fire to the ravines with gasoline to force out the Japanese.

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

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    Not 20 minutes ago I visited a friend of mine here in town just to say "Semper Fi"--Plt Sgt Joe Topor. A-1-28 5th MarDiv. He was in on the initial assult in the second line of boats to reach the beach around 0915 sixty years ago. Joe is now 84 but in great shape and sharp as a tack. He was wounded on 12 March 45. "A" company had a casualty rate around 90% throughout the course of the battle. I make a point of seeing him half dozen times a year or so and at last years 229th luncheon in Boston I bought a table for ten and he was our most distinguished Marine at the table.

    If I could figure how to post a pic of Joe I woould have included it with this post.

    MillRat a great tribute !

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    to the Marines on Iwo, SEMPER FI

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