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    From 4 corners one road went to Freedom Hill and 1st MarDiv on Hill 327. Facing that direction, take the road to the right along the fence line of Danang Air Base and it runs into Danang's Dog Patch. The back gate of 1st Maw opened to Dog Patch where the momma-sans and papa-sans entered the base each morning. If you Google Map Danang, you can still see exactly where it is.

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    Thanks Gunney! I was on a night ambush squad just about my whole time in Nam so I don't know it very well during the day.

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    Hill 327

    I hope I'm posting to the right thread I'm looking for some of the fellow Marines that were there May 13 1967 when the Hawk missiles were hit on Freedom Hill otherwise know as Hill 327.
    I was one of the three that was there on LP, when the crap hit the fan. I guess I was lucky to be on LP because one of the charge they through in landed on my bunk.
    If you were there you might remember the newly formed unit the Searchlight PLT. We ran those oversized lights from WWII.
    I'm hoping I can find some of the men I served with from the platoon. After nearly 50 years still searching.

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    I remember the Army searchlight unit coming on the hill. I also remember one of the first nights up there you lit up an ambush down in the valley and you lost one of your big lights. The Marines dogged the crap out of you newbies on the hill. If I recall you were set up facing the happy valley. I left the hill just before the sappers took off the top of the hill. I went down to battalion to drive duce-n-a-1/2s. From there I saw the huge blast when the fuel bladder was set off. Looked like an a-bomb.

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    the Hawk"s warhead was found down in the valley quite a distant west beyond Charlie ridge. Found in September 69...It was kept back at a compound near the air base. They used it for a conversation piece. I didn't want to look at it very long.

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    I was in-country from June '66 through July '67. I seem to remember just outside the gate at Dog Patch, an M-50 accidentally discharged and blew away a Vietnamese vehicle. I also seem to remember the Air Force beer dump being raided from time to time by Marines tired of drinking skunky Filipino brew...

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    I was there from Oct 68 till Dec 69 I remember Dog Patch real well lol I went back to Dog Patch last March 2015 it has changed quite a bit the shacks are gone and more durable buildings and businesses line the streets now Da Nang is a big modern city now with lots to see If you get a chance you should go back

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    After we dumped our 55 gallon drums of mess hall waste, we would pay 1 or 2 cases of c Rats for the Viet nam guys to wash the truck. Then we got a better deal. The contents of the 55 gallon drums for a free wash.

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    I was with C Battery 1st LAAM Bn on Hill327. We had a mess hall as of oct 66


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    They had a air conditioned movie theater

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    As far as I know they were not used. Sometimes the IFF signal from our Phatom Jets were shot out. By the time we got permission to shot our missilies the Pilot landed and was drunk or asleep. Matt from C Battery

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    I was there. I drove a Missile loader and picked up the broken missiles.

    Matt Wojciechowski

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    When they found the missile, I was told the 110 pounds of TNT was missing from the missile.


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    If you look carefully at my profile picture, you can see MM in the background. You can see where the two hit.

    Opps. Never mind. I just looked at my picture and MM is almost cropped out.

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