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    Burning bush and arm-pits

    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang Marine View Post
    I believe that was the first place heard someone said something about "snake eater" Hell, I thought they where talkin' about momm sun sucking my pipes clear. Until they said you, "snake eating bullet catcher, don't be all day."
    Got one for you
    anyone from Con Thien around the sept-oct-or so? Ya remember the old woman that burned **** and didn't have a tooth in her mouth. She'd give BJ for a dollar, ya'd have to have a playboy or penthouse over her head. Didn't want her to get her head wet in the rain! Damn, where we ever that young?
    --I was there for that fire for some reason-When that old-mama'son-was pulled out of the smouldering-distroyed hut;all her hairy parts were "Smokin"-I must have been mentally ill by then-because for some "sick" reason-I thought this was very funny".Get Them Marines.Send Them To Hell...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by HM3 Doc Wilder View Post
    Those annoying -little kids-I know what you mean-ONE TIME THERE WAS THIS CRAZY GUY -FROM BROOKLYN,N.Y.-He had a black-opium problem.His 16 -accidentally discharged -went through one of these girls heads-one night-I think he got twenty years-I never went back to Dog Patch After That.It was a good place to play Recon.I had a Spanish Friend-He was in some House-somewhere-and MP's broke in-He acted like he was-Vietnamese-and actually got away with it.What a character .
    -I wasn't in that House-when the weapon-discharged into this woman's head .I and other people tried to help him-but he was just too far gone-to retrieve.After I heard this-I never went to Dog-Patch-except for 327 PX-or First-Med-11th Motors was further down the road from 1st-Med.There was also some kind of Marines with dogs-place.I think I saw a picture of this dog pound-posted here.Drugs Suck ,and get you in the end-Their for losers.

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    Now I've heard lots of stories-where soldiers-were given little cups-of narco-substances-in the Army.When they returned home from Vietnam-they were addicted.Wisk'y is good for shock.I guess in battle-I have no right to say anything.I have just seen so many people taken down by Hard-Drugs-so much heart-ache.

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    I definitely remember "Dog Patch", it was directly across from the entrance to the Marine Compound in DaNang, Republic of South Vietnam. I was in DaNang from March of 1967 to April of 1968 with HAMS-11.

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    Who knows about liberty bridge?

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    I always wondered what aircraft landed in that mine field. I was with 7th engineers and i recall clearing that mine field. I even have a photo of me sitting in the mine field. WOW what memories,. oh, and dog patch?. yep i rember that to.

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    i remember DOG Patch that was the place where L'iL Abner lived according to the funnies that is the only one i know of

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    dog patch

    A Sgt and I went out on a bike one night for a very cold beer. I was a PFC then. The VC made a sweep, and we hit the walls of the house. They opened up, and hid us in there. We could hear all our hearts beating for sure when the VC found our Bike outside the house, and come in to get us. The MP's were on their tails, and they took off, shortly after the MP's left, we took off back ALIVE to the Danang Air Base. This was bout the 2-3 rd of March '68. Never did we go again. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.

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    I stopped in one of the hooches in dog patch on two separate occasions and spent $2 each time - those were the days!

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    Talking Beau Cou Boom Boom Allll Niii Longggg Marine

    Every Stinking 'Ville in tha Nam had a Frigging Dog Patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by FistFu68 View Post
    Every Stinking 'Ville in tha Nam had a Frigging Dog Patch
    She said "I #1 GI" and well, you had to have been there.

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    I checked to see if I had any photos of the crashed B-52, but no luck.
    However, I did find 3 of Dog Patch: one with (Lcpl) me and a cute kid and 2 others with kids. I recall the kid I was holding was from Hanoi and I struck up a conversation with her parents (about the only time my 5 years of French came in handy). They were refugees and he had been a doctor or something.
    The pictures are in my Dog Patch album.

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    It's changed a bit

    Somebody posted that video a while back, but I watched it again anyway.
    Used to drive trucks over that road, daily but it looks like the road, at least around Freedom Hill, has deteriorated a lot.

    I was at 11th Motors, just across the valley from 1st Mar Div.

    Semper Fi

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    B-52 Crash & July 25th 1967 Bomb Dump Explosion


    I remember both, we watched that B52 land, he really had no chance, but we kept hoping. Trouble was he glided more than 500 yards before wheels down, then there was no room to stop, even with parachoot deployed. No photos of that, however, a friend of mine got some photos of DaNang under fire in July 1967. I have about 6 to 10 photos of that attack. I'll scan in more and upload later.

    Cpl. Duggar

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