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    Ville by 11th.Mars-HqBTN-Da Nang

    I was at the 11MARS-HQBTN located to the North of Freedom Hill and below 1st MARDIV. There was a ville there just outside th wire and we got sappers through our wire and I remember a RVN gal we called "Terry" after Terry and the Pirate. She hated the VC & NVA and warned us of an all out attack 08/11/1969 and sure enough we killed 12 in the wire the next nite. Took a bunch of 122 mm's and ground fire too. Of course, rank didn't listen but we did and were ready. I hope she made it. I got assigned to a reactionary force for patrols and convoy security duty and so went out to Liberty Bridge, Hoi An and An Hoa. Anybody remember those places and times? What was the name of that ville? We didn't go out there very often but when we walked back in from the indian territory we came through "skivvie valley". Some "local trading" went on there for boom-boom for cigarettes and so forth.
    Lastly I would like to remember my best friends: Cpl. Samuel A. Williams-2515621 and LCPL carl Joe Russell-2515607. R.I.P. , they died 2 years back. One leukemia and one we don't know. VA said carl "just died".
    Semper Fi, Gentlemen.

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    11th Motors

    I was with Bravo Co. 11th MT 1970-71, just across the valley from 1St Mar Div.
    I think that ville was Da San (sp?), but I might be turned around on that. I do recall Hoi An, made many trips there, hauling supplies for the CAP unit.

    Sorry to heard about your friends, seems like there are fewer of us every day.
    Semper FI

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    I, like many others have said can't believe this thread. I graduated boot camp in Aug 1966, Honor Plt. 1031 San Diego. Went to Cherry point after Millington and was initial assigned to VMA (AW) 225. Stayed there a month or two and was transferred to H&MS 14. I was the new guy in 225 and when someone had to go to 14 it was me, you know new guy always got **** on. Turned out great tho, made friends I still am in touch with. When 225 went to Nam they had to take some immedate maintanance people with them for support. I volunteered and went back to 225 for the transfer and was sent to H&MS 11 as soon as we got to Nam.
    Our living area was right across the street from Dogpatch. Went by there at least 2 times a day to and from the working area. Plus all the times we would sneak there and downtown DaNang. I had forgot about those burgers at the USO, they were great as I recall. Also steaks at the Hotel DaNang. It sure didn't look like the version in John Wayne's The Green Berats. I had a good friend who was the Chaplin's assistant for the Catholic priest at MAG 11 (can't remember the priest's name now) and I used to go over and ride shotgun with my buddy on the travels nhe made. Saw a lot with them. By the way I remember when the bird went into the side of the mountain, I heard the air force guy had "target fixation" and just forgot to pull up. Also does anyone remember an Air America C-47 crashing at Danang? Seems lije it was during the summer months to me.
    I remember the ammo dump going up, I was on mess duty and was outside taking a leak at one of the ****ers when one of the first big explosions went off, I saw the shock wave coming and hit the deck with my dick still hanging out. I thought at first we had been nuked!!!
    Its been a long time. I don't think I have even talked with my family about some of this ****, and I didn't have it anywhere near as bad as most.
    Before I go I have been cursed with the Agent Orange thing, just diabetes right now but would like to hear from others who have had problems.
    Semper Fi,

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    Would cop some of the best weed in the world from Dogpatch, nooky too. Aw the good old days...
    larry warner "Fly" a/126 marines vietnam 68-69.

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    For a quick fix you put a dollar in your right leg pocket and stand just off gate 12 as if waiting for a ride. Kids walk up, reach into your pocket and take the dollar and put in a bag filled with 10 joints.... Those joints kinda sucked though. Mostly rolling paper!! For the good stuff you had to commit to "the vil" and beyond. 1stMAW disbursing (1st MAW HQ compound). 68-69

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivalis View Post
    wish i was a remf, would of done the cash for mpc, for money orders, for cash shuffle. would of come home a bazillionaire.
    The Pennsylvania Dutch have a saying "Un to soon old,un to late smart".
    That MPC scam was somthing like 4 to 1,so if you had 100 greenbacks you could get 400 in MPC buy some money orders send them home have cash sent back to you and do it again.
    But I'm pretty sure the CID was all over that scam by 1969,plus it was suppose to aid and comfort the enemy.Who the hell knows.
    I still have some of that South Vietnam funny money and it still looks worthless.

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    Hey Brothers I was in Danang after most of you all. But I did see were the jet left its mark in M.M.. I was over there in 72to 73 and back agin in 74 to 75. Rember Dog Patch throw. But I rember Arizona & Dodge City more. I drank my share of tiger plss & bomebom also. SSGT. Francisco.Semper Fidelis Brothers.

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    Dog Patch Boom Boom row and bottles of Jim Beam, lol. Di Loc Pass was the rear for Hotel 2/7 at the end of 68, I was with 1st Platoon, 2nd squad. Yes I remember,LMAO. You number 1 or number 10.

    Semper Fi,

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    I was there in 72 & 73. Iknw dogpatch also . Got into a little trouble down there. SSGT. Francisco

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    Yep I was there in 71 and I remember Jim Beam also but as a Buck Sgt and not 21 yet I had to trade some of my ration cards to a older SSgt for Beam.
    Semper Fi Redman

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    In 1965 or 1966 I saw a flash and glow on top of Monkey Mountain, then I called the Battery Control Center 1st LAAM on top of MOnkey Mountain to find out if they under attack. Later they called me back and informed me one or more jets had crashed. here are two more internet sites concerning another crash which is better reported: http://www.milspeak.org/Monkey.htm, ;

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    My hearing, huh .. what did you say, say that again . . . “Cherry dumplings apple pie I hear your station 1 x 1 eeni meeniee minee mo how do you hear my radio, over (1963 radio test, 2nd LAAM’s, “B” Btry, author unknown)? Recently I helped a WWII member of the Sky Sweepers, with the help of U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka Jerry received his VA benefits 100%, the Sky Sweepers downed only four or so friendly aircraft during the war, during Vietnam, we downed zero aircraft, and by comparison in the Persian Gulf unfortunately a few friendly aircraft have all ready been downed. Now for some historical request:
    Does anyone have memory or information concerning the massacres of the orphans at the villages on the left side of DaNang’s hill 327 during and around the month of November 1965? Or, the death of the young female street orphan at the main PX in DaNang in the Spring or early Summer of 1966. General Walt mentioned the massive orphan incident in his 1980 interview for his publication the 11th Hour. I am under PTSD review for the 3rd massacre by the VA. For decades I have carried bits and pieces of which is now an amnesia issue. The PX matter I fairly clearly remember, but would appreciate more investigative information to clear my mind.

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    Its been five years since I posted this thread and I am truly amazed its still going and all the bro's that walked where I did. Welcome home Marines.



    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Is this any good?

    Take a Ride Through Da Nang, Vietnam: Dogpatch to Freedom Hill

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowwing View Post
    Is this any good?

    Take a Ride Through Da Nang, Vietnam: Dogpatch to Freedom Hill
    As many times as I drove it, I must admit that I recognize little of that. It does appear that the roads have gotten worse though. Most of the rest of it seems to have cleaned up quite a bit ... hard to recognize the traffic patterns without 40 or 50 Scosh Carts in view at any given time

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