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    [quote=MarineKansas;535146]I think I was maybe behind you.

    I too met some guys that didn't think going home was worth it. They were planning on spending the rest of their lives in Viet Nam. Who knows, may have been the same guys...

    I was a Disbursing Clerk working at 1st MAW HQ. I was sleeping in a hut in the H&MS-17 compound. Not a part of VMCJ but I think we paid them.

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    Top! You sure awoke a distant memory of DaNang. When that AF B52 crashed of the end of the runway there wasn't much left. If I remember correctly, the crew member in the tail section did suirvive. The same thing happened the night that a C141 was crossed the ruinway and was broadsided by a phantom taking off on a mission. I think the crew chief on the C141 ramp was blown out of the back aand survived. The load included oxygen and acetyline bottles flew all over the place when they exploded.

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    Was thru there many times , I was on hill 55 and we had a communicatins shot from Hill 55 to hill 327 and than to the ops center of 1st LAAM bn. When ever we could go on an admin run to Da Nang we would always go to the PX and beer garden at the base of 327.

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    Freedom Hill Px???

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    Hey Doc...when did you medvac out? Maybe we ran into each other at the Red Cross center at Freedom Hill while checking out the women? LOL

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    Aw DogPatch!! Directly across from my tent and later hooch.. Aug.65-Sept.66, Trk.Co, 3rd Svc. Bn., FLSG, III MAF

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    BILLY-BOB....I was told that I arrived at Yakusaka, Japan the first week in September, 1969. Because my brains got scrambled, in country....I truthfully HAVE NO IDEA!!! .....Doc Quack

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    Wrench....your house must have been near mine. I was in 3rd Ser Bn also, in Engineer Maint. Co. Did you know a gut by the name of Ron Peters? We ended up going TAD to Chu Lai. He represented MT and I represented Engineers.

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    It was off limits I remember in the short time I was in-country...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jinelson View Post
    That we did greensideout. Do you remember MPC and how the locals reacted when it was all of a sudden changed? Talk about panic in the market place, dang.
    Yup, MaMa San with a big roll trying to exchange it for anything, she could get. New a couple of guys who made out pretty good on that deal. Out on convoy and hadn't exchanged yet

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    I was at FLC 70 - 71 went through dp all the time riding shotgun to all over....never stopped but heard alot about the place.......did my rr china beach........got a nice camera stolen while doing the thing there........I have been looking for anyone from Plt 1084 MCRD San Diego or Co "A" 3rd Recon, Kaneohe Air Station 73 to 77.....welcome home marines........semper fi

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    anyone from Plt 1084 MCRD San Diego 1970........please email me at free_spirit049@yahoo.com

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    well, I didn't see any pics none came up ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Dybus View Post

    I do sincerely hope that you've enjoyed my little tour!


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    ....I've got one....Click image for larger version

Name:	REMF STORE.jpg
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ID:	8209...."patrons of GREED!"

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    Riven37 - I sure don't remember your pictures...the Dog Patch I remember was rather dirty. No one who rode those scooters ever wore helments. And I never say a woman, young or old, wear clothing like that in Dog Patch.
    Doc - I still say we ran into each other at Freedom Hill. I got there at the end of April so we had May, June, July, and August...either that or we met in Athens in the early 60s as kids...lol Kali nita, Ti conus? (Spelling)

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