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    Smile Let The Wet Down Begin

    Ladies and Gentlemen the bar is now open and the the first round is on me. May I propose a toast to Lance Corporal Meyer AKA LivinSoFree who we have watched evolve from a highly motivated poolee to that of of an a j squared away United States Marine. He was promoted on Sunday so please be gentle with the pinning arms are probably a little sore right now. Who will be the next NCO be to keep to the tradition to buy?

    Congratulations Meyer you certainly rate it

    Semper Fi

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Good news is , as is said, always good to hear. I'd be glad to shake Lance Corporal Meyer's hand. Congratulations! I have been saving the Wild Turkey for a special occcasion. Tilt it, drink it and best of luck to you.

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    I'd buy him one! I still remember the day they promoted me to lance, didn't even tell me what it was, just called me out of formation, and I thought I had done something wrong! LOL

    Congrats Meyer!

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    Thanks Marines, I just may have to call these in at a reunion one of these days... too bad I can't make it to this year's!

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    I remember my 'Lance' rifles getting pinned on. Base camp at Subic bay. Couldn't raise my arms for a couple of days.

    Saluting was a REAL B!tch.

    A round at the 'E' club $$$$
    Are you old enough to drink ??


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    Belly up to the bar ladies and gentleman this NCO has the next round for the new lance Corporal..

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    Congrats Livin, I remember when I was promoted....those were the days.....cant even tell you what I couldnt do for days.....lol....jk. Congrats again!

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    I remember when I got PFC. I had to walk through a gauntlet of MARINES from my unit. Each had a fist of iron to pin my first stripes. At the end of the gauntlet, I had to turn around and go back. At the end, my arms were sticking out like a bunny rabbit looking for a hand out of Easter Eggs. And when I recieved l/cpl, I was more papared. When I got home that same day, my mom ask me "whats wrong?" I said to her "I got promoted!".

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    Crap, I missed it! By the time I got done work, all the beer stores were closed.

    Congrats again Lance Corporal Meyer!

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    Have no fear they are still open over here Kirin for all....
    Sgt D

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    Sgt D Kirin is good for the soul and gary make mine a double with two feathers. LOL


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