is a marine still a marine that kills a police officer
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    Unhappy is a marine still a marine that kills a police officer

    question is a marine still a marine if he kills a police officer

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    Not in my book. At least not the way he did it

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    Not in my book either..

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    Not taking this personal are yeah

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    i agree its sad what he did to keep from going back to the war
    now he is dead and a police officer is dead

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    i am also a former police officer

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    No not taking it personal at all.. Yeah right.

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    YES, even as a former police officer myself. you teach a man to fight and kill and when he does what he is trained to do, we take his title, hell no he earned that.

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    Just pickin' I know it's not in the least bit funny. That was in bad taste, I am sorry. Most of my friends are either Fire-Rescue or Police, and Jarheads

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    Its cool timber..

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    Point made JAG. Still I want to know why the system i.e. command failed to see the signs

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    he was not trained to kill police officers

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    My opinion is not going to be popular but I don't care. If he had done this in Iraq, all would be good but he did it here and he was wrong but thats not the point.

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    No, he was trained to kill indiscriminately, you have no time in combat to figure out who to kill on the oposing side, at that point in his life, the police were the oposing force and he did what he felt was necessary.

    And yes Timber, his cammand and the whole support unit failed him.

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    how many Marines have killed police officers in other countrys ??? are they still Marines? First of all I think we need to look at what happened here? Here is a Marine that has been in Combat and seen a hell of alot killin and death among his own and children of this country. This type of stuff has alot of crap that screws with a man or womans mind. Also you have to remember that this Marine also could have a buddy very close to him killed and he may have survival guilt going on in his mind. This PTSD is very real and very dangerous with combat veterans. This is why i am totally against any veteran being deployed into a combat zone more than 1 tour (12 months) Again ladies and gentleman let us not forget there where alot of Vietnam vets and still are today that are still fighting that damn war every day and everynight. If a veteran says he cant go back that should be a stresser to his commanding officer that hey somethings wrong here and get this man some help. If our country is not ready for this type of actions from our vets then they better take a real good look at things before we go off to fight a damn war...

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