Does Anyone Remember SPN Numbers?
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    Does Anyone Remember SPN Numbers?

    This was a number that was placed on your DD-214 form that described your service and reason for discharge. They were outlawed in the late 1970's or early 1980's. When Nam was winding down and Marine units were being deployed back home the Corps offered many early out programs. One of them involved drug abuse. I had all my junior Marines fall for what sounded like a good deal to them. I tried my best to tell them that the Marine Corps dosent give honorable discharges away unless earned. Unfortunately they didnt listen to the old sarge. I remember one very young Pfc who was married with one child coming back and begging me to intercede in his behalf and get him back in the Corps after a very short time of a week or two. He told me that he had lied on the form and said that he was a drug user and he really wasent. Well to make a long sad story short he was denied employment every where he went because the government had made the numbers known to employers and he was in even worse financial shape than when he was in the Corps.


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    jinelson...I'm looking at my DD-214. 11c. Reason and authority 08-06-70 There are a bunch of numbers in 11c. I think they all refer to my transfer to Marine Corps Reserve, but really not sure what they mean. Where would I find out what those numbers mean? gbudd

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    Great question gbudd I did a google search and found loads of info but what I believe is my SPN # 21G then a bunch of MCO's as authority. Some of the sites I searched gave the numbers but they didnt explain exactly what they meant. I did see mentioned that they were outlawed as discriminatory. They have forms to fill out and send in to get an explaination but its kinda moot now since I have recieved my Honorable Discharge certificate.


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    Ok thanks jinelson...My number is also 21G then cofG Par 6012.1aMARCORSEPMAN MCO 1900.2F MCBul should of said...Welcome home and thanks for your service Marine. Gary

  5. #5 that we got everyone pulling out their DD-214 forms...another question...there is no mention of my service in Vietnam other than Vietnam medals...just a mention in 22c Foreign and/or sea service 02 11 09.

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    The DD-214 form we were issued was revised 01 JUl 66 and the next revision was 01 Nov 72. Reason and authority was removed. Why?

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    Yeah Gary I bet we do have everyone looking. My DD-214 is the same other than medals and the foreeign/and or sea service. It is funny though I just noticed that in 30. it states that I was undecided on reenlistment even though I got my DD-214 and Honorable Discharge at the same time.

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    Illegal use of SPN's

    I realize this is an old topic but came across this site and know from my experience working with vets and discharge records this number is still asked for, even though it's illegal to do this:

    In my state I have several times warned vets to not provide the copy of the discharge that has the SPN showing. There is the Member 4 copy that the State VA gets, which even has this blacked out as they aren't entitled to it.

    The Member 1 copy that has nothing of use on it so is totally useless (not sure why it exists and is a waste of paper and confusion for the vets and more). Then of course the other versions; I have seen so much confusion as to which copy goes where and what they are used for, especially with the NG and Air Guard since the war began.

    Even after warning the vets, especially when applying for jobs, to only provide the copy that has the SPN blacked out, but does list the Character of Service, I have been told all too often that the employer (usually federal employer) is demanding the SPN. It is illegal to request this unless the vet provides it himself willingly. Sad point though is if the vet fights the federal office, or other employer he/she can be blacklisted for this and then have to try to prove why. The feds can come up with any excuse they want as to why someone wasn't hired. I've tried to get info on those employers doing this hoping they are simply ignorant and let the company know this is illegal and to please inform their hiring staff. There is so much fear though with our new vets trying to get a halfway decent job after the military very few will even provide the employer's info.

    Until the SPN's are totally removed these numbers, which all too often are incorrect to begin with, our vets will pay.

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