Yahoo refuses to realease dead Marines E-mail
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    Yahoo refuses to realease dead Marines E-mail

    WIXOM, Michigan (AP) -- The family of a Marine killed in Iraq is pleading with Internet giant Yahoo! for access to his e-mail account, which the company says is off-limits under its privacy policy.

    Lance Cpl. Justin M. Ellsworth, 20, was killed by a roadside bomb on November 13 during a foot patrol in Al Anbar province. The family wants the complete e-mail file that Justin maintained, including notes to and from others.

    "I want to be able to remember him in his words. I know he thought he was doing what he needed to do. I want to have that for the future," said John Ellsworth, Justin's father. "It's the last thing I have of my son."

    But without the account's password, the request has been repeatedly denied. In addition, Yahoo! policy calls for erasing all accounts that are inactive for 90 days. Yahoo! also maintains that all users agree at sign-up that rights to a member's ID or contents within an account terminate upon death.

    "While we sympathize with any grieving family, Yahoo! accounts and any contents therein are nontransferable" even after death, said Karen Mahon, a Yahoo! spokeswoman.

    These people need a boot in thier A$$!

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    yep thats the truth its a shame....

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    While unfortunate, this does reinforce the importance of making sure your Powers of Attorney and Will is SQUARED AWAY TIGHT before you deploy... I have a feeling that if the parents had a GPoA or had been left the account in his will, this wouldn't have become an issue.

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    legal Issues? THAT is the problem with this world. everyone is worried about things that are NOT important! what about feeling? what about HEART? and sympathy? adn GRATITTUDE?

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    I feel they should release the password...

    I happened to know Roger's...We had no secrets....

    There could be a lot of memories in there...

    That is all we can hold on to.....


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    I think that is rotton.. I use yahoo and now I might have to think different about it. They are having no sympathy for the family at all. I think there needs to be a petition taken and taken to court. this is a case that the family should win.. Yahoo can kiss my rear..

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    Yahoo, Imbeciles

    Yahoo sucks. It has always sucked. I had a Yahoo account and got rid of it because of their asinine policies and imbecilic behavior.
    I have had nothing to do with them for over two years. You know what. I don't miss them. I agree with hardjedi.

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    Oh I agree as well..

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    It's time to Boycott yahoo. Give the family access to the account.

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    Has the family check with the Family Readiness Office of his unit?

    If Marines are headed overseas, they usually do a power of attorney prior to the ship date. Every unit my husband was in - and the ones my son has served with - all required wills and power of attorney forms as part of the pre-deployment paperwork.

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    But the way that yahoo is the probably wouldnt take that.. I have fought with some places when my husband was deployed and I had power of attorney.. trust me it isnt always easy

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    I live in the Detroit area and what they are saying is that the family has an attorney and they are going to address this issue. He did get a power of attorney and it is his father. Still yahoo will not agree to let the father have the password. The local news agrees with all of us but they are pointing out that if Yahoo does this then what about a bad relationship with the parents. This is a special situation and Yahoo should give up the passward and the the parents grieve in peace.

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    Amen.. I am glad to hear that big. I think yahoo needs to be boycotted just for the crap that they are doing. They think that a power of attorney is just a piece of paper.. what they dont realize is that it is much more than that.. but they are not the only company that feels that way

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    Boycott SBC as well, that is their ISP.
    Sending them E-Mails is like sending water down a well.
    Never the less I sent one.
    I ain't never minded letting someone know how I feel.

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