The worst and best Christmas gift
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    The worst and best Christmas gift

    you have ever received...

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    the best? My girlfriend last year gave me a new pair of gloves and a nice scarf.

    why was it the best? Cause she was wearing them, AND NOTHING ELSE when she gave em to me! WOO-HOO!

    the worst? WEll, I was standing watch on Tower #9 on Guam in '91, Midnight, on Christmas Morning/Night and it started to rain so hard that all the alarm sensors went off, and we had to patroll the peremiter all night long instead of the usual 4 hour shifts. Then the didn't even send us any hot food for Christmass chow, cause the dang cooks forgot about us! LOL Guess that was God's present to me for giving him so much CRAP all the time

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    Sounds like me...

    I wrapped myself in a big red bow wearing Roger's Name Ring.

    Now I can say he had fun getting to the ring

    Met Roger Christmas Eve.....It would have been 27 years this year...

    I still have to think on what is my worse......


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    The worst and the best


    Was December 1967, Charlie send floating down the Song Thu Bon River, Christmas wreaths that had leaflets attached to them.

    The leaflets offered a bounty for Marines in India
    Company and had some of us listed with a certain price tag attached for our names."

    For officers it was about a hundred dollars bounty for us grunts only $2.00

    The BEST

    Years ago, when we could finally afford presents for my daughter's and all five awoke to find Barbie dolls for each of them under the Christmas tree.

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    For officers it was about a hundred dollars bounty for us grunts only $2.00
    - Geez, wasn't it you Grunts doing them the most damage?

    The best, 7th grade - the folks bought me a huge plank of furniture quality of walnut lumber. I made some nice stuff in woodshop for them.

    The worst? Don't know yet, hopefully I'll have another 25-35 more Christmases to find out!

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    Originally posted by yellowwing

    The worst? Don't know yet, hopefully I'll have another 25-35 more Christmases to find out!
    well good luck with that! LOL I think you gotta behave and hope no democrats get in power for that to happen though! ( just raggin ya, haven't done it in a while LOL )

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    I have to say that the worst christmas gift that I ever recieved was.... my first husband..... I have to say that the best that I got was the husband that I am with to this day.. He is the greatest to me..

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    you got married on christmas both times?

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    No but I met my first hubs on Xmas and was a nightmare after that..
    YOu are too much Hard..

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    SHHH! don't tell em I'm TOO much! you'll scare away the ladies

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    The best christmas gift was my Grandson. And the worst was guards duty in bootcamp.

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    im sorry hard.. i didnt mean to let the secret out

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    THE BEST: It would be this computer I am on that we got last Christmas, because it brought me to all of you, my Marine friends.

    THE WORST: It would be a gift from my mother-in-law many years ago. She gave me a disgusting CHIA PET. Now, what kind of mother-in-law would do this to her daughter-in-law?


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    OMG a Chia Pet.. now that is low.. lol.. now my mother in law she is great.. she has us send her a xmas list every year the day after thanksgiving and usually we get everything we put on the list.. she usually spends about 100 on each of us.. she has 7 sons and 3 daughter in laws.. plus 4 grand kids.. lol

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    Your mom-in-law must have lots of money???? LOL

    enjoy her while you can, now that's what I call a
    great Mother-in-law.
    May I borrow her for a year? LOL-------------LOL

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