'Woman's Lap' Pillow For Men?
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    'Woman's Lap' Pillow For Men?

    'Woman's Lap' Pillow For Men?

    TOKYO, Japan -- A pillow designed in the shape of a woman's lap has become one of the best selling Christmas gifts in Japan.

    The novelty item is made from foam and comes complete with a mini-skirt, reports Sky News. Makers the Trane Corporation insist the pillow provides healing and not excitement for customers.

    Priced at around $90 (45), the life-sized gift is also proving popular as an addition at office parties during the season. Although it was initially aimed at the younger-male market it has also received significant interest from older men.

    Humm I wonder if we can buy one and get one free like we did on R&R?

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    Gosh darn wimen

    were the ones that started this...

    Man-shaped pillow for Women!

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    good lord! almost as bad as the fleshlight, but not QUITE!........ LOL

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