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    Awesome Video

    I don't know if this has been posted here yet.

    Read the article then watch the video its pretty good.

    Semper Fi, do or Die

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    Thank you Ryan for sharing this great story and video.

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    I loved the video, thanks for sharing it with us. It sure does bring tears to my eyes!!!

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    Thanks Ryan, always wondered how she came up with that song.

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    I just have a small little nitpick. I didn't see any Marines. Shes singing about them...but she is singing to the Army and all the video clips are of the Army.

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    love that song

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    Never heard that song or even seen the video, but sure liked it. Even if it did bring a tear or two to my eyes. I got a message for that lady in the minivan... <^>! Don't mess with the US Marines or their family!

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    We just had an out of sight video on local TV about another one of our fallen warriers. They made a video of a local Marine just buried after being killed in Iraq. It's on I couldn't stop the's about 5 minutes long and from what they have since reported the parents have heard from people all over the country, possibly also some of the world too. If you check it out you'll see what I mean. Semper Fidelis and Peace, Bobby.

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    Underleft: don't nitpick...she was trying to motivate the Army by singing about Marines!

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    That was totally awsome.. I have heard the song.. but had not seen the video.. Thanks for sharing that it was totally awsome.

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    My fingers and this keyboard are frozen, at least it's an excuse I can use for messing up that address for the video. It should be Tonight's news had a story about a fundraiser for his fiancee to help with the baby girl she expects to have in May. It's at a place he used to go to in Waukesha, WI.

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