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    Congratulations Ellie! I know you'll enjoy being a grandmother. We have 7 grandchildren & 1 great-grandson. All the "grands" call us "Nana & Papa" except for my darling Kelsey Lynn, my little Florida "Redneck". Since her mommy's parents are gone she feels left out at not having a Grandma & Grandpa just like her cousins so she calls us Grandma & Grandpa. She has been up here to visit twice so she knows us by more than pictures & phone calls so when we do call, my son puts us on speakerphone and the minute she hears our voices she shrieks "Grandma & Grandpa". She is 5 years old now and it seems those kids grow up so fast. Enjoy yours, Ellie. We have our 12+ inches of snow and will probably have more tonight. I want to go to Florida NOW.

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    Hope everyone here have had a good day. In my part of the world we are in the middle of an ice storm. This morning it snowed heavy but we only got an inch of snow. The forcast was calling for one to four inches of snow; and we also had some sleet. Now we are getting a freezing drizzle that will last all night. Ice is expected to accumulate about half an inch or more on road, power lines and trees. I got all my laundry done this morning in case we have power outages, which is to be expected during an ice storm. My husband and I made sure the gas logs are ready in case of emergency. The pilot light is on and we tested them to make sure. All things are working, we have plenty of water, food, flashlights and candles. Think we will be okay. This will be a good night to have a cup of hot chocolate. This ice storm is moving to the northeast and Ellie will probably get some nasty weather on Sunday. I hope everybody here will have a safe week-end.

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    Hey everyone. Just sitting in my room in the baracks here at Dam Neck. I graduate from intel school in three weeks, and im kind of not looking forward to it. Ive made great friends with all the Marines here, and have had the funnest time of my life. Im going to miss this place.

    I enlisted as a reservist, but as soon as i get to my duty station Ive been told I can volunteer to go overseas (Iraq). I plan on doing that for a number of reasons. The only problem is Im going to have to tell my Dad, who Im sure will be very upset. any suggestions on how I should do this?

    -PFC Miller "Lite"

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