You ALL need to look at this picture now!
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    You ALL need to look at this picture now!

    this say's it all, don't you think?

    Cute little raghead kid and all!

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    Ok, Jedi? What is the rest of the story?

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    soldier in Iraq, has some markers sent to him, and makes a funny sign holding and iraqi kid. no other story. I just thought it was funny and cute. plus, a good sentiment.

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    Fvck you random6950...too funny

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    "look ma...
    I taught the soldier with the tampon in his pocket to write"

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    Originally posted by garryh123
    Fvck you random6950...too funny

    OUCH! a insult directed at ME?!?!?! i am SOOOOOOO hurt LOL

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    ROFL That's so f**king good to go! God bless that Iraqi diaperhead! Isn't it so cute?

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