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    Talking First Names and their orgin
    Boys and Girls names and their orgin
    100 most popular names on this site
    1000 Most popular names of the Decade

    I went searching for the orgin of Momz son Sgt. Ben real name.
    I found the's interesting to see where your name came from and seeing if it's a popular name now or in the Decade...
    I could go under Richard or Ricardo, one is more popular in the last Decade.
    I hope that you will find interesting

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

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    The light of the sun. A form of Helen.

    Ranked #599 of the last decade

    Origin: Old French
    Gender: Girl

    I am named after my Great Aunt, and My Mom's name is Helen....

    Now this makes sense...


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    Like the Lord. One of the archangels in the Bible.

    Ranked #2 of 2001 and #1 of the last decade

    Origin: Hebrew

    I got stuck with it. My mom wanted to name me Christian(what irony), but since I have an older brother Chris, and an older sister Christi, my dad threw a fit

    I like my name though. I am pretty particular about it. I will NOT answer to anything other than Michael. No mike, micky, Mickey, none of that.

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    Gary means Spearman.
    Last name means Blackeyed.
    I wonder if I got the wrong guy with my spear? LOL

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    Smile What's in a Name

    My sagacious mother tagged me with..."CHRISTOPHER"...means: Christ Bearer/Christ very true!!......Gung-Ho

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    I'm happy that you were able to find out about your name and where it came from.
    I did find Sgt. Ben real name, it's a form of James.

    Brave and strong.

    Ranked #78 of 2001 and #41 of the last decade
    Ranked #114
    But not in the Database
    Ironic that it's not in the Database after many seeing "I Love Lucy"
    With Ricky Ricardo as Lucy's husband.

    Origin: Teutonic
    Gender: Boy

    Always thought it was from the British that name came from.
    As in Richard the Lionheart

    We Few that are lucky to be named Richard or Ricardo were born "Rich" and will die "Rich"...

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi
    Ricardo or Richard

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    Guest Free Member
    Michael, that's me. I'm with HardJedi, its "MICHAEL".

    It is odd though that on the occasion that I do talk to myself, I call myself Mike. "Mike, that was pretty freakin' stupid hitting your own thumb with a hammer!"

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    LINDA-----Spanish---Pretty, also a nickname from Belinda.
    ranked #224 from last decade.

    my husband:
    DAVID------Hebrew---The beloved, the adored one. The famous
    Israelite king of the Bible, and the patron saint of Wales.
    ranked #11 of last decade.

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    Hebrew: God is gracious; the name of many saints. Also, see Ian, Jack, Jonathan, and Owen.

    Ranked #13 of 2001 and #14 of the last decade

    Origin: Hebrew
    Gender: Boy

    Alternatives: Bevan Dutch Evan Gianni Giovanni Hannes Hannu Hans Iain Ian Ieuan Ioannes Ivan Jack Jan John Johnny Jonathan Jonny Juan Sean Shane

    Nicknames: Handel Hank Hanke Hansel Hansi Jack Jock Joh Johnny Nino Vanya Yannick Jackie Jacky Johnnie Johnno

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    Marine Free Member Sgt0811's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Mauricetown, Cumberland County, NJ
    Charles - Teutonic - manly, full grown.
    I sure hope I'm full grown. At 250 lbs I should be by now.
    I go by Chick, no CHUCK, CHARLIE or anything else.

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