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    Sgt. Smitty
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    Question Vietnam era medals

    I am trying to get any info i can on any medals or awards given to the Corps for the Vietnam era. I know there were some issued after i got out and would like to know more. Any help on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated. Smitty

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    Sgt. Smitty thats the same question I had a few years back. I went to my units website and clicked awards. I found that we had received a Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Armed forces Expeditionary, Vietnamese Cross of Gallentry w/Palm and a Veitnamese Cross of Gallentry Unit Citation Civil Actions. I have asked that my DD-214 be updated to reflect them, don't know how long that takes though.

    Semper Fi

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    Sgt. Smitty
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    Jim, how do you get into your units website?

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    I have been trying to get Mag 16 unit web site and can't find it can anyone help me with this...

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    thanks brother...

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    Hey Smitty do a google search for either 1st Marine Division, 3rd Marine Division or 1st Marine Air Wing depending on who you served with and when. Then find either links or better yet units and click on your unit when you find it. For me it was 1st Marine Division then 11th MarRgt and 1st MAW MASS-3 MACG-18. You also would rate any unit citations that the Div or Wing received provided that you served in those years listed. Hope this helps you out.

    Semper Fi

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    website data may not be totally accurate

    FYI Most of you may already know this, but just thought I'd remind everyone that the unit awards you are entitled too are not just a matter of units served with. It also matters as to "when" you served with those units. So, website data may not be totally accurate, or reliable.

    I sent a Form-180 to the DoD Veterans' records office in St. Louis, Mo, and they sent me an updated "official" copy of awards I currently have. I had a couple unit awards that were not on my original DD-214. Also, discovered that a couple awards, that I thought I should have, were not on there (like a PUC), because of the dates I served with the unit, and dates awarded.

    "Official" records are always the best way to go.

    I'm too lazy right now to post the address and what-not for the records center in St. Louis, but if some asks, I'll hunt it down, and post it. Their website has the forms, and address you can send them to. A google search will pull it up.

    Problem with an "official" search is that it takes forever!!! It took me two freakin' years to get a response back from the government. However, it was worth the wait (I suppose), because they sent me the medals, and ribbons, too, and they were free (although, they only send you the "U.S." awards. I.E. the Vietnam Campaign, and Cross Of Galantry, were *not* sent, because those are foriegn awards, awarded by a foriegn government (The Republic Of South Vietnam))!!

    Anyway be patient, and get your official records. It's worth it in the long run to have the official documents for other reasons, too (like dealing with the V.A. for medical, and other benefits).

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    The following web site has instructions for requesting update and replacements for ribbons and medals.

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    Sgt. Smitty
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    Still no luck with any web site!!!

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    Try linking here

    i found them as part of the 3rd Wing, attached to the first MEF.

    I've had my best luck STARTING with '', and spreading out from there.

    I found 2 extra awards 3/6 had earned while I was still in, but not awarded till afterwards. Took about a year, but I got my DD214 officially update.

    Semper Fi.

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    Heres what I tried,to get history on MAG 12 etc.First went to Home page for Marines,the one we all know............. WWW.HQMC.USMC.MIL.with a little clicking I came up with this....
    WWW.1MAW.USMC.MIL/MAG12.hrscowboy,just substitute MAG 16 for MAG12 as they are both part of the first MAW.By searching,I found out that MAG 12 was awarded the PUC.and also returned to RVN in 73.

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    Thanks brother i will try that...

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    Sgt. Smitty
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    Benny, thanks Bro, will try that too. Got an e-mail yesterday that has all the medals/awards for the Marine Corps clear back to WWII. I'll try to e-mail it if anyone is intersted. Can we get more than one PUC if we were in two different units that were awarded it? I was with MAG-11 in Nam and with MAG-12 in Bien Hoa and on the first plane load back to Iwakuni, Japan. Also found 5 more that these two units were given but the ones for MAG-12 were duplicates of the ones MAG-11 got, do i rate both?

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    Sgt. Smitty
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    Oh ya, the awards were for two different units at two different time frames!!

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