Great One-Liners by Members
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    Great One-Liners by Members

    Sometimes a member will hit us with a one-liner that is so good, or so funny or so to the point that it needs to be archived.

    Here is the thread to do that.

    I will start it out with one made tonight.

    "Someone give that girl a Milkbone".
    snipowsky; in reference to Teresa Kerry.

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    great idea! It would take me a year to search back through and find em all though LOL

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    That's the reason for the thread! So many are lost. We can start saving them now. There have been many good ones but many more good ones will come.

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    I Wouldn't Own A Dog That Ugly

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    devildog---you are supposed to quote someone else---lol.

    If the one-liner makes you smile, laugh, or even if you are offened by it---post it here for all of us to enjoy or build a head of steam.

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    If that guy gets to be any bigger of a as*hole, his shoulders will cave in from the weight!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder..

    If a turtle doesnt have a shell, is it naked or homeless?

    Those who live by the sword get shot by those of us who don't.

    The difference between kinky and fun, fun is a feather.. kinky is the whole chicken!

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    Guest Free Member

    Thumbs up LMFAO

    LOL Thanks greensideout!

    Semper Fi brother!

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    OIF 1 was about "winning the hearts and minds"

    Now its about "2 in the heart and 1 in the mind"

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    "I Wouldn't Own A Dog That Ugly"

    devildog21345, response in reference to snipowsky's reference to Teresa Kerry.

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    This is my favorite! Concerning which firearm would you carry into battle?


    "Carrying a firearm into battle? Are you crazy? A person could get killed like that!"

    snipowsky: ROFLMFAO

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    That IS a good one Snipowsky. LOL

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    so it be said so it be written

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    USMC-FO about Sparrowhawk's broken PP

    "The advanced two palm inverted "Johnsonl" shift has been known to burst blisters ......."


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    2nd LT Jdfairman, when discussing who is senior and the capabilities of different ranks in the USMC

    "Awww COME ON!!!! I mumble to myself alot and absolutely love playing with mud, but I hate choo-choos"

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    I think this might be Sparrowhawk's favorite Yellowwing one liner,
    "John Kerry has a bust of Ho Chi Mihn on his desk."

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