Who are the President's One Hundred?
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    Who are the President's One Hundred?

    I heard this term and I believe that it was in reference to the White House and security but I am not sure. Anybody have a clue? Just curious.

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    Google says its a shooting distinction. Either that or it refers to a new President's first 100 days in office. I guessing that you are referring to the shooting award.

    I'd have to dig deep to get any real background on it.

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    Probably referring to the 100 largest campaign donation bundlers.

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    The Drum and Bugle Corps ??

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    well, are we talking about THIS president? or a past one. for ol GW, probably the LAST 100 words he mis-pronounced ormis-used.

    for clinton, the 100 UGLY A$$ women he slept with while in office.

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    It's like the Fortune 500, but it refers to the Top 100 Corporations that the government feeds with tax dollars.

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    "100 UGLY A$$ women"?

    I heard it was "101".

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    yeah well, the 101st was hillary, and the jury is still out about if she qualifies as a "woman"

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    My son mentioned that one of the members of his Team (the Team that he is on) is a member of the President's One Hundred. I believe that he is a former SF'er who can nail someone at one thousand yards. It was said that if there is a problem at the White House...he'll be called.
    Yellowwing, you may be on to something. I searched Google but I need to research some more.

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    how IS your son, by the way, Ostogary?

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    Quote: "nail someone at one thousand yards".

    Gary, that's not a big deal.

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    The DOD son called three times in two days! The last time he called he was set up in Kuwait with his team next to a fleet of armor plated Humvee's that were due to be convoyed into Iraq. They had set up a canopy and were getting as comfortable as can be when I received the telephone call. He said that he had quite a few close calls but that everyone took care of business. He gave me his address and I asked him what he would like to send him and he said, Cuban pastries and "modified" Listerine. Since his package is not going through an APO, he would get the package in about ten days. I asked what the members of his team would want and one of them said vodka and a Playboy magazine. Then there was discussion about which was better, Penthouse or Playboy. LOL. (You're in a forsaken land and living on the edge and the first thing you want from the States is hootch and a Playboy magazine. If that isn't American, I don't know what is.) Anyway, our conversations are purposely brief, casual and caring. No sobs, just understanding.
    I wished him well, and the telephone call ended.

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    well good, and of COURSE they wanted naked women and booze. what the hell ELSE is there worth fighting for?

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    Any prairie dog hunters here?

    For those that are not---the target is about 3" across the shoulders and 9" tall. Most shooting is done from 300 to 800 yds.

    It starts out at maybe 100 yds, but I use a pistol at that range. A .223 cal. TC.

    It gets fun when you wait them out for a double---that's when one walks behind the other and you nail them both. The first with the bullet, the other with bullet and bone fragments.

    It's a good sport and helps out the farmers. Give it a try if you like to shoot and enjoy a chalenge.

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    It sounds like your son and his team are doing well Gary. That's good to hear!

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