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    Desert BRaT

    Alot of you kinda know me already. I've met some of you face to face, and talked with others on the phone. I am honored that you have accepted me on your site. Your welcome is unbelievable. I thank you.

    Out of respect for you as Marines, I don't usually post on the forums. This is a site for Marines and I recognize I am only a guest. I do post in the slop shute cuz this granny is an ole time bar fly

    They say if the Corps wanted you to have a wife they would issue you one. I like to say the Corps issued my dad his wife. He met mom while they were both stationed in Le Jeune after the Korean war. They Married on Nov. 10. They drove to SC cuz it was the closest place they could go to marry on the 10th.

    I was born in SC while my dad was stationed at PI. I lived the first 10yrs 7mths of my life on military bases. My mom had been a Sgt in the Marines, my dad retired a 1st Sgt. I wrote letters to my dad when he was in Nam. I heard the peaceniks calling him a murderer. I got picked up by the base MP's on ocassion I'm proud of being a BRaT.

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    well I got to say you are the best military brat I have ever met!

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    Smile Sparrow

    Rhanks, that means alot to me. And I'm glad I gave ya a chuckle confessing my run ins with the MPs

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    Cool Janine

    You have to remember that you are FAMILY, I'm proud to know you and call you my FRIEND. Hey!!!!!! I never got picked up by the MP's..................When you were in Hawaii, maybe I was one of the MP"s who picked you up..........HE HE HE



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    Well I posted the following on Saturday and in the moving I guess it got lost :rolleyes: Luckily I did in in word and pasted it here it is again.

    When I went back to The Wall Reunion in April, I pretty much only had dadís DD214. I went out to DC early to search through old boxes mom had stored. By the time I checked into the hotel I had several documents of dadís from his time in the Corps. I had stuffed them in a folder after briefly scanning them. I carried them around DC. Except for the photo of dad while at 8th &I I showed no one. The last night of the gathering, there was a party in Troopsí suite. I had met Doc Marko the first night at Freebirds. I had been intimidated by him for going off on me in because I wasnít a Marine. That last night I sat by him, in the smokers corner. We got to talking, he went with me back to my room and I showed him what papers I had. I found more later.

    Even though I showed them to Doc, even though Iíve had them all these months I never really LOOKED at them, read them , till yesterday. I put them in a chronological order. I put an * where I have no idea what stuff means. (Well I recognize some, but donít really know)

    Purple Heart Certificate for wounds received in Korea on 23 Dec 1950, while Sgt.

    Certificate of Good Conduct -Technical Sgt 0419 for the period 22 June 48 - 21 June 51, received 2 May 52
    * Unit EngrScol., MB., Camp Lejeune, N.C.

    Certificate of completion and graduation of NCO Leadersí Course - Staff Sgt 0411 *2nd Marine Division, FMF Camp Lejune, N.C.

    Change of Beneficiary (married mom) Signed 27 June 56 at * ďAĒ Co. 2d Shore Party Bn 2nd MarDivFMF CLNC

    Certificate of Good Conduct 3rd Award- Technical Sgt. for the period 22 June54 - 21 June 57, received 20 Sept 57 Marine Barracks Wash. D.C.

    Immunization certificate stamped twice on the front. Top stamp - 2D Landing Support Company, Bottom Stamp - 3D Service BN3D MAR DIV FMF with shots recieved between 16 Nov 60 - 29 Nov 63

    Appointment to Gunnery Sgt. 1 Jan 61 *with precedence number 681

    DD214 from when he retired in 69, with remark -Good Conduct Medal period commences 22 June 66 (7th award).

    12 October 2002

    Millratusmc, regarding your response that also disappeared We moved to Hawaii - K-Bay either late 63 early 64. Dad went to Nam from there in 65. I did send off for dad's SRB in March but have not received it.

    Roger lol nope it was Le Jeune when I got picked up probably 67

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    Went to the head doc today. looks like I'll be going once a week for awhile. She asked me if I've ever seen 'The Great Santini'. She said that oher military BRaTs she's counseled have all said their dads were Santini. I've never heard of it so I did a web search.

    The Great Santini

    I think I'll rent it this weekend.

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    It was in Lejeune, not sure when..late 66 early 67. We lived in enlisted married housing. One of the neighborhood BRaT pack came up with a 55 gal. drum with an end cut off.

    There was a real cool hill in the woods. We all had a grand ole time getting in the drum and rolling down the hill. Sometimes you went off course and hit a tree.

    I was about 8 then. Sparrowhawk has a good chuckle when I told him that me and my kid brother (about 7) tried to run away from home then. That was my first run in with MP's

    *Advice to BRaTs if ya live on base, don't try to run away

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    Gosh darn Janine

    You tried to run away from home while still staying with in the military base. LOL

    Did that drum barrel race once, but we placed the barrel on top of the slide, got in and went down the slid in the barrel.

    Of, ourse I was first and went down the slide in the barrel. it seemed to me, while inside that the barrel was taking too long to get down the slide. i could sense it was moving, but decided to look out, just as it hit bottom.

    Still have a scare at the bridge of my nose over that one. LOL

    I don't think any of the other kids did that afterwards.

    While in the Corps we lived off base. Houseing was never provided for E-5's on base.

    What is it now?

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    Well Sparrow we were running away, had no thought about where we were going to. We ended up in the woods, exploring, playing, just hanging out enjoying our freedom achieved by running away. Later when it started getting dark, and we were feeling a bit hungry, we decided to forgive the injustice that had us pack our hobo packs and started home. That's when we noticed the MP's out patroling the neighborhood. We were able to avoid detection till we almost made it, then we got spotted. Got a royal arse chewing from mom and confined to our room.

    Mom told me that when we went to K-Bay that we were living off base till dad shipped over to Nam, then the Marines brought the families on base so they could take care of us. From that point on we always lived on base. I was too young to remember not being on base except in 61 when dad was deployed outta country and mom took us to Worchester to be near her family. I don't actually remember that but got pics of that time in Mass.

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    Smile Hi Janine

    Just surfed your trips down memory lane...they were written from the certainly are Marine bred; moreso, than most of us who wore the green uniform...your kindness and thoughtfulness to me will always be cherished...have a happy 10Nov02 celebration...sayonara, Red. Gung-Ho SSGT Christy-USMC FMF

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    I guess I was the same age as you were, 7 or 8 when I ran away. I wanted roller skates, mom said "No".

    After much pleading, I said that if I couldn't have the skates, I was leaving. Mom said she didn't want me to go, but no skates.

    I packed some gear, mom packed some sandwiches for me. I kept telling her I wasn't joking, I was serious. She kept telling me that she wished I wouldn't go.

    I walked down the stairs, out the door, and onto the street. I stood there trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do now.

    I heard a tapping on my bedroom window, which faced the street. Problem solved. I WON.

    I turned around with a smile of relief on my face, which turned to tears when I saw my mother putting a sign up in the window.

    Room for Rent.

    That was the last time I EVER made a threat or a promise in haste, that I wasn't prepared to go with, all the way. Whatever it took.

    Semper Fi.

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    Wow firstsgtmike! tough lesson there. I think I learned not to **** off mom. She never stopped being a sgt of Marines, and when she dressed you down you never forgot. She still does call me on the carpet today sometimes, and I still cringe, even being thousand of miles away from her lol. The MP's were much easier on us then mom :o

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    B orn R aised and T rained I don't know when or where I first heard that term. It works for all branches of the service. I had some great friends who were Navy BRaTs since dad's last duty station was at Pax River NAS. It's a term I've always knew applied to kids of career military folk.

    I'm second of the 5 BRaTs my parents had. My older bro was born in March 57 while dad was stationed at Le Jeune. I was born July 58 at Beaufort and my kid bro same place in Dec 59. My little bro May 64 and baby bro Sept 65, were both born while we were stationed at K-Bay. (dad was in Nam when baby bro was born)

    People ask me where i'm from. I don't know how to answer. Counting being born in SC I lived 6 places before 11. Well 5 because we lived at Le Jeune twice during my life as a BRaT. To make it easy I say I'm from MD since dad was stationed at Pax River NAS MD when he retired and we settled there. I lived there for 10 yrs before moving to AZ where I've resided since 77.

    You know your a BRaT when ya gotta show ID to buy a candy bar.
    You know your a Marine BRaT when you think all dad's wear green.

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    Your a BRaT!
    I'm a BRaT!

    Same Same.

    I do believe I remember your pic up on the Provost Marshall's "Most Wanted" wall at Lejeune.

    I remember patroling the housing "Enlisted and Officers" residential areas at Lejeune seeing kids doing this or that. Hell, I remember getting in trouble from my 2nd Lt. once when he came by and caught me playing football with the kids of the neighborhood. Man was he a DickHead.

    Oh well.

    Nice to have you here. Proud to Know you. I'm looking forward to meeting you this next year.

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    I was an Air Force brat.

    No. Really! LOL. Some of my first, and best memories are from that time.

    Sophora, I have the same problem when people ask me where I'm from. South Dakota (four times or is it five?), Missouri (Twice), Illinois (four times, maybe five, I'll have to ask Mom! LOL), California (twice), Hawaii, Arizona, Washington, Tennesee...
    If folks phrase their question right, I just tell them I'm an American!

    And ya ain't never rolled down a hill til ya done it in a tractor tire! A fifty-five gallon drum has nothin' on that! LOL

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