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    Exclamation My friend made it

    Hey ya all. Well 4 weeks ago my frind got back from boot(Jarod). He made it! He said it's alote of BS but if you put your mind to it and keep focused on what needs to be done. you can make it.

    I also got another friend in boot (Chad). Unfortunly he had alote of problems with his shoulder. They pulled him back into a easer platoon witch set him back quit a-bit. I think he got close to being thrown out. He just got back into training about 2 weeks ago. There is no set date for his graduation. I hope to get some pictures of Chad on his graduation. I'll keep all of you guys and gals updated on Chad.

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    : ) Cool! Wellhopefully Chad makes it! My fiance just got out of boot, he got really sick and was almost held back in MRP. But he was determined to stay with his platoon! Chad can do it with some determination! My fiance said letters are one thing that kept him going. Just write him and rell him he can make it! : )


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