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    Dress Blues

    Nothing says pride and dignity than a Marine in his Dress Blues.

    Perfection. I would bet it would take the same amount of time for a woman to get ready, as it would for a Marine to don his Dress Blues.

    When I first purchased my Dress Blues, I went home on leave. I was walking up the hallway of my church. Four church women were totally stunned and 'dripping' when they saw me decked out.

    A year later, I wore my Dress Blues to my Citizenship Ceromony in the Federal Courthouse in Chattanooga Tennessee. The judege read off the names of the citizens to be. For some reason my name was not on the list. When he was about to procede without me, I stood up to be recognized.

    That "Commanding Presence" stopped everyone, (Its not easy to impress a Federal Judge)!

    I was immediately recognized and added to the roll.

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    When I see A Marine in their Dress Blues...

    I always took Notice...


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    ...even anodized brass didn't seem to cut down on the prep time... It does not seem to matter how "routine" the event is; if it calls for 'Blues, the donning of the symbol of all that is Marine is paramount to a religious act...

    I would rather fail IG/CG inspections in any other uniform than be caught in any circumstance in 'Blues that were less than perfect.

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    Young Bucks Carrying on the Tradition

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    A United States Marine in Dress Blues will always get immediate respect and show what pride in this country looks like.

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    ooorahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arlene you got that one right. I always gained immediate respect when i wore my blues and when i see a marine to this day in his blues I always make a gesture or comment to that marine when i see them...

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    Yep I spent more time on that uniform just to wear it to church than I did for my alpha inspection. That is the first thing people think of when they think Marine. Someone standing tall, proud, and strong. Everything has to be perfect

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    "Everything has to be perfect" - You betcha! I have never seen any Marine less than Outstanding in Dress Blues.

    It is a religious experience. The spirit and pride of 229 years goes into every minute of preparation. 0 Irish pennants, 0 scuffs, 0 wrinkles. Perfection.

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    Dale Glasscock
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    As a young Sgt. at Marine Barracks Bremerton, Wa. It was an occasion when SSgt. Moody brought us out for a Sunset Parade... I will never forget it. Eighth and I didn't have a lick on us! Even though we had some of their Marines who had trained in D.C., (the lord was thinking) I love Dress Blues worn right! History and photograhs show through whether you are a PFC or Sgt Major, Lt or Four Star F**king General...! There isn't a better looking Marine than a Marine in Dress Blues, (officer or enlisted) and that was my wife's quote...(I'm partial to ol' SSgts' like me) I'm still lean but I can't quite fit in to my blues what made me a fighting machine. But hey, I'm getting old Corps.... I salute you Marines! God, Honor, Country, Corps! .... Semper Fi Marines

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    You think the ladies swoo when your in the states, man then you should wear them overseas. Being an MSG during the Marine Ball, there isn't a Marine who goes home alone.

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    yehawwwwwwwww yes those blues do something to the ladies indeed.

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    I can remember getting my blues. At the time I was an avid lifter and had a 49 inch chest and 32 inch waist V to the max and the tailor spent about an hour fitting me.

    When I did suit up, the collar was 21 inches and that was snug, but wow! I made it to 4 MC balls in that set of blues. I had another pair made in Okie and they trimmed the collar down to 20 inches and the chest to 47, can still get into them, but the waist is now a snug 37 inches...sigh..old age.

    Went to the MC Ball in Ft Worth and it was funny seeing Col's with 8 ribbons and me sitting there with 14. and only 4 hash marks.

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    I wore Dress Blues to marry the 1st wife in '77. More recently wore a tux to give one of my daughters in marriage. I truly believe that no tuxedo on earth can compare with a squared away set of Blues. (Mine are well preserved.)

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    In civilian life a suit is tailored to fit the man.

    In the Marine Corps, the man is tailored to fit the Dress Blues.

    The Dress Blues represent the history of the most recognized and respected fighting force in the world.

    They are the semble of the history of the Marines that went before us and the honor and pride of those that have earned the right to wear them now.

    I received my Dress Blues, handed down twice before from Marines that served before me. The uniform was in perfect condition. Impeccable! The Eagle, Globe and Anchor were gold plated as was the belt buckle.

    The wearing of that uniform gave me a sense of being a part of the whole, from Tun Tavern to my day as a Marine.

    I didn't really wear the Dress Blues---They were greater then I---They wore me.

    Semper Fi,

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    I did not want to wear the Dress Blues until I was an NCO. I did not like the way they looked without the Blood Stripe.
    As it was I did not have a set. I did not need them in Nam.
    When I returned Home and was at Quantico they were issued. I was a Cpl. by then.
    I know that I walked a little taller and straighter when I wore them. Being a thin Marine at that time I looked pretty good.
    Just about a year and a half ago I was at Quantico and purchased a set of Blues to fit me now. Remember, 37 years has passed and I am much bigger now.
    Everyone that has seen me in my Blues now says that they are the best of any service.
    One thing for sure is that they are not the best to wear when firing howitzers for some senator. But you sure as hell look GREAT doing it.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Proud to be a

    Semper Fidelis.

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