I'm a liberal Democrat
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    I'm a liberal Democrat

    Liberal as in the word with the same root as liberty, latin for 'freedom', and both a "small d" and a "capital D" [d|D]emocrat.

    Used to be a time when Marines didn't all have to be raving ultra-conservatives, but I guess, from the threads I've seen here of late (like, since about Fall 2000), that time is over.

    Too bad, it's really too bad.

    Just thought I'd throw that out in case there are any other lurkers like me out there. You're not quite alone.


    madsox, out

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    Seems to me that between the ultra left (liberal) and the ultra right (conservative) there is this huge eclectic gray area, ever changing....sometimes for very personal reasons other times not. Regardless, all elements (political leanings) are essential to the Democratic process which cannot exist with out diversity.
    Pardon this analogy but there are times that I could really use outside help and then there are times that I would rather do things myself, without interference.
    I exist and vote in the gray eclectic political area. Sometimes voting for shear personal reasons on matters that personally affect me and other times voting for what I perceive is best for the group...regardless how I feel. The latter usually happens during a Presidential Election. LOL!
    Madsox, I'm glad that you stopped bye to say hello. Your points of view are essential to the Democratic process.

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    I agree with Osotogary.

    BUT you don't have to stereotype any of us Marines here. I am not far right and I am not far left. But I do vote with my mind not just my heart.

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    I'm a Conservative Republican

    A Mexican
    An American

    I didn't know I was a Conservative

    Until many of those that agreed with me, identified themselves as being conservative.

    I registered as a Republican because of the values, morals and views of the world and others I received at home and in the Marine Corps were in line with the Republican views.

    The Republicans were more in tuned to agree with my views, they value life inside and outside the womb.

    That agreed those that kill others with a criminal intent should pay for their crimes with their lives.

    In essence I didn't become a conservative or a Republican because of what Conservative and Republicans stand for, because recently like the liberal, Democrats the conservative Republicans at times seem to change their views back and forth about some issues.

    No, I'm a Conservative and a Republican because of what I believe from my youth and what I learned in War.

    But then again there is a liberal part in me that believes that everyone that does not agree with my views has every perfect right to be wrong.

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    Hmmmm. well, I TEND to vote republican, but do not consider myself one. I also tend to disagree with alot of thier "hard line" stances on SOME issues. It's just the BIG ones that I tend to agree with them on.

    What are the BIG issues? well, that depends on who you are I guess.

    as for being a Liberal? More power to you. after all, I need SOMEONE to make fun of ( I AM JOKING! )

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    President Washington warned us about getting political parties started way back when. In my opinion, calling yourself liberal or conservative or whatever....and you're just saving everyone else the trouble of labeling and pigeonholing you.

    I always wait for someone to give me a good reason as to why they're the greater or lesser of two evils, and then I vote for the lesser of the two

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