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    V.T. CHANGE THE ATTITUDES OR BELIEFS OF THROUGH PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONING. Were you brainwashed in bootcamp? Was it a total wash? Is it the same in the new Corps as it was in the old Corps?

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    It was more like brain "flushed." Get rid of the undisciplined teenage crap...

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    HUH????? what? no one ever brainwashed ME! that's for DAMN sure. Not sure what you are even getting at here.

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    This is a topic I have to respond to:

    When I was on Recruiting Duty in Chicago, we'll say 1995. I had a guy I recruited who was over weight to say the least, around 260lb. He came in my office and I basically told him that if he wanted it bad enough, he could get down to weight and I would enlist him.
    He rode a bicycle all over Chicago and came in every day or every other day to weigh in. When he made weight, I shipped him off to Recruit Training in San Diego. Keep in mind, he was 27, not a young kid. To make a long story somewhat shorter, he broke down twice in bootcamp. The second time he broke down, they let him have 10 days leave to rest and recoop at home. Unheard of because he hadn't yet graduated. He was in uniform with no EGA. Ofcourse, they told him not to go see his Recruiter but where was the first place he went? My office! Loyalty!
    He came in and talked to all of my Poolees to give them a motivational talk and tell them what they could expect in bootcamp. We're talking this guy had been in bootcamp for 5 months already due to injuries and he was as motivated as any Recruit you'll ever meet.
    I took him out to lunch to talk to him and to thank him for coming in and doing such a good job with the Deppers. We're in line and the guy orders a plain piece of fish on a plain piece of bread. I tell him "Order anything you want, I'm paying for it". The guy locks his body up in the middle of this restaurant and yell's "This Recruit is not Nasty, this Recruit will not cheat on his diet!"
    I look around at the expressions on the rest of the patrons and all I could think of was "Here we go with the brainwashed theory again!"
    He finally graduated a PFC, time in Grade! after a little more than 6 Months in Recruit Training. He weighed in at 169lbs when he graduated.
    I laugh so hard I get tears in my eyes everytime I think about that day.

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    Originally posted by Kegler300
    It was more like brain "flushed." Get rid of the undisciplined teenage crap...
    Out with the old you...
    In with the new and improved you.....

    Nope !!!

    Marine Corps bootcamp was the single best piece of training I have ever had in my life (58 years).

    It is solidly with me to this day.
    (w e l l.......most of it).

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    I totally agree.

    Marine Corps Boot Camp has no Brain Washing.

    It is a Mental Re-Arrangement.

    I went in undisciplined and somewhat overweight at 210lbs.

    I came out a Young Man and at 161lbs.

    And when I got home and my Father said; "I'm proud of you Son", I then knew I had done something right.

    And that was the Old Corps as I see it.


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