1st Dips on USMC swords
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    1st Dips on USMC swords

    First Dips on Swords

    I have decided to go ahead and let go of the three remaining swords to anyone here at Leatherneck.com

    I would not be able to hand them out to WIA at Bethesda like I was planning too.

    I got a good deal for them and I spoke to Jerry and he felt it would be a good opportunity to otehrs here that may want to own a display sword to obtain one at a good price.

    You get first dips on them.

    They are of a great quality and solid. Perfect for display the ones I have found comparable to them are priced at about $340.00.

    I got them on a good deal and have kept one. The other three I have decided to sell.

    At $120.00 each. That price includes the cost for the postage.

    Send me an email message at Sparrowhawk@email.com if you are interested.

    Below is the thread where we discussed them, before I bought them.


    Semper fi


    Sword thread

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    I would, but I didn't attain NCO status.

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    They are being offered to

    They are being offered to;

    Leatherneck.com members, Marines, Civilians, all members as they make perfect gift's from spouses, wives, girlfriend(s) [hint, hint], democrats and Republicans alike. LOL

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    Keep me in mind.....but I will wait to see if any of the Marines would like the sword.......


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    One sword sold...

    A Marine bought it to present to his son also a Marine.

    Two swords left...


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    Two are packaged up, ready to go

    Last one is still available.


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    Last one, Good To Go!

    Last Sword, still "Good To Go!"

    if you've been thinking about it, here's your chance.

    I had always wanted one, but never could afford it. I kept one, two are gone and one is left.

    You deserve it.

    Just think when they ask at the next Cake Cutting Birthday Party, who wants to cut the cake?

    You can volunteer. LOL

    Pm me if you are seriously interested...
    the other two will be shipped out Monday.

    Semper Fi


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    The first two swords were mailed out today

    To those of you that requested and paid for them.



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    Keeping tabs on the swords

    It's amazing how you can now keep track of items you have shipped out, by the internet.

    I wonder if you can tag the kids at home with a US postage lable and keep track of them?

    For those of you that ordered the swords, they are half way there.

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    Oh well, I still have my KABAR.

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    SparrowHawk, Do you still have a sword left for that price?

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    They went out faster then John Kerry's tan. LOL

    I am looking for others, if I can get them, I'll post again.


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