need a EGA sticker...
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    Talking need a EGA sticker...

    First thing I do when I purchase a car is put a EGA sticker in the rear winodw. Well the years have gone by and the few I have are now all gone and to my horror, the one on my car fell off.

    I am never home, home as I work in one city and come home on weekends. Between work, commuting home on weekends and seeing my kids I don't have time to do the obvious, drop by a recruiter and ask for one.

    Could somebody hook me up please : )


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    EGA Sticker

    Just get a hold of your local Marine Corps Recruiter. He'll get you one.

    Richard B. Greene
    J A M

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    Exclamation Send me the mailing info!

    I'll hook you up!


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    Smile OOH RAH!!!

    Thank you very much!
    I'll PM you my address.

    Semper Fi!


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