Three Marines suspended over recruit training procedures
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    Cool Three Marines suspended over recruit training procedures

    Three Marines suspended over recruit training procedures

    Published Fri, Jun 11, 2004
    PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. (AP) - Three Marines, including one drill instructor, have been suspended from their duties following allegations that they violated strict recruit training procedures, officials said Friday.
    Three male recruits were taken to the Beaufort Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, and nine more male recruits were admitted Thursday, with complaints including dehydration and muscle fatigue and pain in their legs, according to a release from the Marine Corps.

    The depot is investigating and the allegations "will be addressed promptly, accurately, and impartially," according to the release.

    The recruits, all from the same platoon and assigned to Support Battalion, were in their initial processing and having medical assessments when depot officials picked up on a possible problem, Maj. Ken White, Parris Island's public affairs officer, told The Beaufort Gazette.

    "There have been allegations made by people, by some of these recruits," White told the newspaper.

    The names of the suspended Marines will be released only if formal charges are brought pending the outcome of the investigation, White said. One of the three Marines was a drill instructor, he said. As of Friday, the depot had not released the names of the recruits.


    Information from: The Beaufort Gazette,

    The Drifter's Wife


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    Yep...don't tread on the children!

    This is the reason I'm glad my day is gone...can't hurt mommas boys.

    Dehydration...I guess thats worst than being dead.

    In my day it was exceptable to have at least one recruit die in BT.

    Things like this shouldn't be printed...Ya'll have every DI living or dead pukin...

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    Things are so vague...
    Not clearly expressed; inexplicit.
    Not thinking or expressing oneself clearly.
    Lacking definite shape, form, or character; indistinct:
    Not clear in meaning or application.
    Indistinctly felt, perceived, understood, or recalled; hazy:

    That article could fit any of the above.
    From my personal experience of recruit training at MCRD PI.
    While we were on a tour of MCRD PI.
    Our Drill Instructor guide notice a recruit working with his cammie jacket on.
    He sighted a regulation, all I saw than was one recruit doing what he had been instructed but had fail to carry out till that Drill Instuctor got on his rear-end.
    It best that we get rid of all this complainers now.
    Hate to see what they would be doing if they were deployed.
    Those seeking to kill us won't listen to any complain.
    Yet in all fairness, it was the Marine Corps that brought this out.
    The job a Drill Instructor is hard enough without all this added pressure.
    With the web, recruits, parents, relatives, friends...are more informed about the training and what a Drill Instructor can do and what he not suppose to do.
    It like being under a microscope...
    This would have been a none issue back in 1958...but that was then and this is now...

    Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

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    Thumbs up Beat them all until morale improves!

    I will only say this much... You read between the lines!

    If being hit or beaten as a recruit makes you old school Marine...then I am old school Marine! But even us younger generation Marines are hard chargers. I honestly think both MCRD's should allow recruits to be beaten like they were back in the old Corps! It would weed out the "weak ones" and "non-hackers" even more from our Corps.

    And these DI's are just trying to prepare us Marines for combat. I see no problem with this. So honestly it will toughen you up! But as the Gunny said up above "Mothers of America" would have a fit!

    As long as you don't drag them out to a swamp area and drown them I see no problem with this. I would never talk negatively about the I can't even tell my story because of these pukes you call "Mothers of America". Out of protection to my DI's I won't utter a word of this! Then again I went to Parris Island so I have done what four generations of Marines have done in my family!

    I'm just glad I served in the Infantry... I didn't see many pussies in the FMF. Or any victor unit for that matter!

    Sure taught me discipline I will say that! Even motivated me!

    Gunny BHABIT I couldn't agree with you anymore! WORD FOR WORD I AGREE!

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    Marine Free Member Wyoming's Avatar
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    Back when, '65, dehydration, muscle cramps and pain in the legs just happened.

    Who were we going to be stupid enough to complain too?

    Just tighten up and keep on keeping on.

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    What's odd to me is that the numbers of those taken to the hospital seem high. Is this some sort of conspiracy? Get a bunch of panty-waste slackers to join up only to have them dropped so they can report "the dark side of boot camp?" Which will only lead to more dividing of our Nation ... how gross is that?!?

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    "The recruits, all from the same platoon and assigned to Support Battalion, were in their initial processing and having medical assessments when depot officials picked up on a possible problem, "

    This is like... week point 5 !!! Just a few days off the foot prints. I don't recall for sure, but I didn't think anything STRENOUS occurred until AFTER the initial PFT, med screening, etc.

    What shape were they in when they got there ??
    Hell, they could have gotten dehydrated standing in Airport Security
    Maybe MaMa wasn't there to bring their a$$es a milk shake, so they dried out.

    Beat 'em !!! Just don't leave marks.

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    I dont think (beating) a recruit is the answer but certainly an occasional knock the wind and scare the p$$s out of you smack, isnt going to realy hurt any one. if the cry babies cant hack it send them (from my tax dollars) back home to crall under mommas skirt. this aint the boooooy scouts this is the UNITED STATES MARINES CORPS well make better without them.

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    Thumbs up mrbsox

    Ha ha mrbsox...they dried out because mama wasn't there to bring their asses a milk shake.

    That is too funny Marine!

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    When I was in boot on the Island, ABC news was down there covering a story about 3 recruits that died . They were in another series. Our DI told us that they died of dehydration because they didn't take their salt tablets and chew their sulfa drugs.More than likely these here maggots wouldn't get with the program.
    Semper Fi!!!

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    My DI's would make us drink water all the time. I seen guys drinking water so much some puked. But like Sgt. vfm says they obviously weren't with the program and didn't want to listen to their DI's. Better they die there then getting other Marines killed in combat by not following orders!

    Semper Fi!

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    The non-hacking Maggots should go home after their hospital stay,if they cant suck it up in boot how the h--- will they or their fellow Marines survive battle. My cover's off to the D.I.'s,Job well done,continue to weed out the Scum Bags. Semper Fi David

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    I spent so much time flexing my stomach muscles in anticipation of getting hit that even today, when someone comes near me, I automatically tense up. I would never have thought of crying due to the treatment but I thought of "going over the wall" on many an occasion. The only reason I didn't was because I would have been one of the many losers and I can run-for any reason! Today, I am a better man because of those experiences. I also tip my hat to Sgts. Giddings and Hagood!

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    I also found it interesting that the recruits were not even out of receiving barracks yet. I remember getting my hair cut, standing on yellow footprints, taking an ASVAB, sitting *******-to-belly button in skivvies waiting for some Navy nurse to look up our asses, listening to yet another "moment of truth" where we were supposed to confess any prior drug use, scuffing along from place to place because we didn't know how to march yet, getting issued our uniforms and stuff, and assorted miscellany. If you can get dehydrated and muscle fatigue from sitting on your ass doing paperwork, then there's probably someplace else for you to be. If they're all from the same platoon, then it's either some BS journalistic stunt or some virus or other contagious medical condition.

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    I went through boot camp in Aug, Sept, Oct.
    Hot as hell.
    We were instructed to drink lots of H2O.
    Just had salt tabs, no "sulfa" drugs.
    The DI's made sure we took the salt tabs AND drank the water.
    If someone F**k*d up he got motivated by the DI at once.
    Guards (recruits) were posted at the front & back doors of the squad bay to "look out".
    My platoon graduated without loosing one man!!!.
    There just was that 10% that needed lots of motivation.
    I am that much better to this day because of that disipline.
    There were no long lasting "issues" and life long "dysfunction" related to what myself and all the other men in my platoon went through.
    There wasn't even those invented, politically correct key words & issues back then.
    We did what we had to and did not cry to mommy, daddy, the therapist, ad nauseum.
    What the heck is going on these days ?.

    OK, Ok, I need to "time out", take my "anti depresant pill", Because I'm "hyper-active" and have "attention deficit".
    I need to go to my room, watch my 32" TV, or take a ride in the new car Mommy & daddy bought foor me.
    I'll discuss this all with my therapist because I'm treated so poorly.

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