Does Infantry travel alot?
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    Does Infantry travel alot?

    Just want to know if infantry Marines get to travel alot?

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    It all depends on where the Marine Corps wants you to go. You can travel by plane,ship,helicopter,and by different modes of transportation. Mostly in the infantry you use your legs and feet. You will find yourself in some of the most exotic paradises in the world and you may also find yourself in some of the worlds worst. With the situation in the world today you may not get to go on a "Cruise" but if you do you can find yourself in the Med or the Orient and a number of countries in between.You may find yourself on MSG or Barracks Duty which will give you an op for traveling if you are not in a "hot" country. Rest assured if you are Marine material regardless of MOS you will get your fair share of traveling,unless you happen to pull your whole tour CONUS. Semper-Fi!! Chuck Hall

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    Listen to the Hymn. Bill, Mike Co. 3/26

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    Kinda like...
    Used to drive a Cadillac....Now I'm humping with a pack..

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    Super Dave,

    That was my favorite. Do you remember more to it? Not trying to put the kid down, infantry sure as hell don't stay put.


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    Oww yes..i do have FOND memories of "humpin with a pack". It does depend on what unit you are with, but you do get a lot of time in the field..etc...

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    Cool, thanks alot.

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    How many countries have you been to? Marines.

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    Spain, Italy, France, Korea, Japan, Puerto Rico, Hounderus, Tunisia, Okinowa, Tunsia..I think that covers it...

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    Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Austrailia, Uruguay, and Paraguay, tha pretty much covers it for me.

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    Were all of these trips with the Corps? Missions? What MOS do you guys have?

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    Let's see, not that all of these are independent countris as such

    Guam, Tinian, Saipan, Rota, Bali, Austrailia, Korea, Japan,
    Haiti, Truk

    Most were for one dyuty station or another, or training, with a couple for R&R and a Couple as deployments

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    Exact same reasons as Jedi, half were for 0311, the other my 8152 billet

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    With the Corps I've been to - in no particular order - Norway, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon (off the coast), Puerto Rico, Okinawa, and the Philippines.

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    good LORD! NORWAY!~ I Forgot NORWAY! course, when all there is is a big ass ice feild for 4 weeks, pretty easy to forget!

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