1950-1953 magazine named????
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    1950-1953 magazine named????

    Genltemen and ladies,....Sometime between 1950 and 1953 there was a monthly (?) magazine that was sold to the public...it was oversized, at least 8" by 14", I think..and was similar to "life magazine" type issues...The magazine was devoted to war and the korean war especially..I think that it was called: "WAR", or "MEN", or "Men at War"?...In one of the issues there was a multi paged story about my father ( a WWII and Korean veteran) and his fellow marines...and he also wrote a multi-paged story in the same issue...The magazine has vanished without many of us being able to read the stories, etc. and trying to locate the magazine has been hard; since I don't know the exact name of it?...Many of the research engines don't go back beyone 50 years on magazine's titles without the exact name being used and the month of the article...Anyone out there have an hints about how to find out about what I'm looking for?...Someone also said that it may have been produced by the Corps themself?....Any help????...please email me back at: pfrey101@hotmail.com .....again, thank you for any help you could give me:qmark:

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    Check with the library, most have put the microfilm on computer storage. College's and large libraries are your best places for that. The Library of Congress may be able to help, I don't know for sure though.

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