Marine Corps recruiting/commercials
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    Dale Glasscock
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    Lightbulb Marine Corps recruiting/commercials

    What are or were your personal favorite Recruiting/Marine Corps commercials? My favorite, although I don't remember the exact words was; Nobody likes to fight, but someone must know how. Semper Fidelis, Dale

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    I like the one from last year where they showed a bunch of old veteran Marines. The one where the guy kills the dragon is pretty cool too.
    As far as posters go, Kudos to the "We never promised you a rose garden" poster.

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    Dale Glasscock
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    Lt., As an old Marine (prefer Ol') that one was sung pretty well also. Semper Fi, Dale

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    I like the TV commercial with the chess board battle. Still trying to find that music score.

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    Does anyone know how to get a copy of the commercial with the Old Verteran Marines?

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