What do you do in Marine Security Forces?
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    What do you do in Marine Security Forces?

    I Enlisted and my MOS is Marine Security Forces. I'm not very sure of what is I will be doing can I get more info frome someone. My recruiter doesn't know very much about it either. Can you help me?

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    I spent two years at MCSF Co. Naples.

    It really depends on where you go. Stateside MCSF companies may not have as many ceremonies, parades, etc as we did.

    Guard duty for whatever installation needs to be guarded, physical security of buildings and different things inside it.

    All in all, it's a great duty, make sure you enjoy shining boots, pressing uniforms, and just looking good. I loved my tour in the Security Force battallion, you will too if you have a good attitude. Expect some messed up hours, guard duty is all about the 0200-0800 watch.

    Have fun and good luck at the Depot.

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    I'm currently in the MCSF Battalion, it all depends on what command you get in the Security Force battalion, the only places that stand actual posts are MCSF Bangor, MCSF Kings Bay and Marine Barracks DC. FAST, Bahrain and MCSF Europe all are reactionary units. I'm with MCSF Europe in Spain and having a blast, seen 13 different countries in 12 months, saw action in Liberia. I've also made some bank doing different things. Yes you do have to look good, but every Marine has to do the same. You get some kick ass training & lots of it. Anyone in my company can go to the civilian SWAT team no problem. And once your tour is done here you go to an Infantry unit, so you'll get the best of both worlds.... If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask...

    Semper Fidelis....

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    I forgot that they have consolidated the Europe companies.

    tferg78: I spent six weeks in Rota guarding an MPS ship in late 97-early 98. We had a blast in Rota.

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    Awsome, Thanks guys. I really like to travel. Do all of the batallions travel alot? or just the out of country batallions. I would really like to go to a base in Europe. Do they teach you how to use different weapons? Thanks for the info guys, im leaving June 14. MCRD San Diego. Any advice for boot camp?
    Thanks again
    Semper Fi

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    well, if you get stuck at Kings Bay you ain't going ANYWHERE! that place is located near a town of about 12000 people, called St. Mary's GA.and there is NOTHING to do there. Jax Fl is about 15 min away, and Daytona beach about an hour.

    and yes you learn alot of different weapons. at least we did.

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    Ok, I hope I don't go to Kings Bay. What's in King's Bay anyway?

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    it's CLASSIFIED, , can't tell you. but it is a sub base and you spend a week at a time locked up then a week training. week in lock up, week training. at least that 's the way it used to be.

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    ok.so it's not that great then

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    at kings bay? no way no how. it CAN lead to good civy jobs though, if you maintain your clearance.. got me a job the month after I got out of the Marines Paying 60G a year doing security work overseas for a private company

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    Does the private company come to you and ask you to work for them? or do you go? 60G,that's awsome

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    i found them.

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    cool,im learning a lot of stuff

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    Do any of you know if it is possible I can go Security Forces after getting off the MSG Program, even though their are both B-Billets

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    I am not a Marine, but I asked this exact same question about reenlisting with another b-billet....the example I used was being in Security Forces and then reenlisting and getting into the MSG Program. I was told that its not likely to happen. Here I'll post the link.


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