GED or move with family?
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    GED or move with family?


    I know the question about getting a GED has been asked before, but this is my situation: My father has orders to Washington DC sometime in July, he is Air Force, I am 18 and do not want to move. I live in Florida and am on the 18 credit track so I can graduate next year. Because my dad has orders though I will not be able to finish shcool here. I want to do nothing but go into the Marines as soon as I can. I have contacted the recruiter near me and am waiting for him to call me back. I was just wondering everyones thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Marine Corps needs you to finish school. If you can get one of the spots for people with a GED all you will accomplish is taking that spot away from someone that really needs it. Simply put, if you can't make yourself change schools, we don't need you. The Marine Corps will tell you to do many things you don't want to do, all of them far worse than finishing school in D.C. so just suck it up and go.

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    With your advice and from talking to a recruiter its obvious that I should and am going to finish school. Thanks.

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    Good decision Patrick. Glad to see you managed to over come the problems and make the right decision. Make sure you take a little drive to the to 8th and I and Henderson Hall, and try to catch the drill team in performance... it will give you great motivation, and its cool to watch.

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    Get a real diploma! There are too many issues around getting a GED and trying to become a Marine. THere are very few slots for GEDs in the Marines. Go to D.C. with the family. We have recruiters there too! You need the diploma regardless of your path in life. Get it! The Corps can wait for you to get a diploma, you should appreciate the fact we would want you to have one!


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    Originally posted by Patrick8605
    With your advice and from talking to a recruiter its obvious that I should and am going to finish school. Thanks.
    Well I'll be damned. A level-headed wannabe. Maybe the world still holds hope. Good choice brotherman. VERY good choice.


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    there are a few smart ones that actually come through our doors!! LOL


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