MSGT James B. Reilly Ret.
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    MSGT James B. Reilly Ret.

    Looking for MSGT Jim Reilly,retired

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    There are only 6 "Reilly's" in the system and only 1 E-8 who was a 9999 (1stSgt). He is 67 years old. Could this be the person you're looking for?

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    There was only 1 "James B. Reilly" who retired as an O2E which means he was prior enlisted and retired as a 1stLt Mustanger. He is 66 years old.

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    Still looking for Reilly

    Ever hear from Jim?


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    Reilly in Florida

    Did anyone ever check with this Reilly to see if it's him?

    James B Reilly
    Venice, FL 34284
    Phone: (941) 493-8751


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    JAMES B. REILLY Search

    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler300
    There are only 6 "Reilly's" in the system and only 1 E-8 who was a 9999 (1stSgt). He is 67 years old. Could this be the person you're looking for?
    This is the Jim Reilly I've been looking for. Do you have any more info on whereabouts?

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    Check your pm's. I will see what I can do.

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    Sorry, but you got me. What are pm's?

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    PM's are "private messages." Check your e-mail...

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    James Bernard reilly

    Hi. Did you manage to trace "Jim"? I would like to have any contact details of his or his children. I am his daughter!

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    Wow, 5 year old thread and you found your Father, amazing !!!
    Your his Daughter and don't know your Brothers and Sisters ?

    Please tell us more on how you found this Forum and Thread please.

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    James Reilly

    Hi thanks so much for replying. My fathers name and rank etc is on my Birth certificate from there I managed to obtain information under the Freedom of information act hence I know I have several siblings. I was the result of a relationship when he was posted in London! I found your website by googling his name! If you have any information or stories about him I would love to hear from you. Thank you again. Jackie

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    Any Luck On finding MSGT Reilly ?

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    Jackie 1, what years was he in the USMC ? 1985-2005 ??

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    Hi. His service number is 1477111. The dates of service I have are 1954 to 1984. His DOB is 21 Jan 1936. Long time ago but I have spent years trying to find him or at least my siblings. Thank you to all who have responded I am quite overwhelmed. Again many thanks. Regards Jackie

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