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    Field Meet

    Is anyone here going to the annual field meet for DEP'ers in Atlanta, GA on May 8th? I went last year and we took home third place overall.(RSS Macon) It was my first experience with the Drill Intructors. Man they are brutal. But that has been my favorite experience since being in the DEP.

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    I didn't know there was one. Is that just for Georgians? We have a Super Bowl DEP Meeting May 8 against all the RSS's in North Carolina.

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    We had our western NC regional field meet. I'm with RSS Sanford (hometown Cary (perm address)/Chapel Hill (college). We missed 1st place by ONE point. We won't go into the, ahem, discrepancies, amongst methods, but that's no big deal anyway.

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    Yeah the field meet is only for Georgians. RSS macon is gonna take 1st Place this time!

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    We just had a field meet here in VA, man those drill instructors.

    What's funny, they say alot of future marines don't get that experience, however it seems quiet a few do.

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    Yup Maryland just had one 2 weeks ago. Said the same thing, "Baltimore is ahead of the game when it comes to shipping you off to bootcamp"

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    We are having one May 25 in Oklahoma City. Im from RSS Wichita KANSAS. I didn't know that there would be Drill Instructors.

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    hey i am going to the field meet in atl. i just want all of yall to know that rss macon is bringing home first placec. so yall shouldnt even bother showing up. name is charles. if yall live in ga lets meet in atl then

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    Hey Charles are you at RSS Macon? My names Lee. I don't know if i've seen you or not. One things for sure, we're gonna kick a** next month.

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    yeah we are im in rss macon. ive delt with di's before for three days. but it was fun thats what got me to join the Corp. well ill talk to you later. what school do you go to? mp here

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    Well I go to Northside High School but Sgt.Kline is my recruiter anyway. U?

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    Hey Livinsofree, what descrepancies? I was with RSS Greensboro who won the Westside Pool Function, you sayin we didn't win it fair and square? Well, see you at the Super Bowl function when we beat the whole state!

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    well i tell you what macon is still gonna win. i dont care waht anyone says. i cant wait to ship out either. im ready to get started with my life. szabo. oh shepherd is my recruiter

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    well i live in nebraska, RSS Lincoln, and we dont have nething like that, all we do for our poolee functions each month is PT. it dont bother me though, i ship out 24 may and cant wait. im ready to go and get started with my life. we dont have any superbowl type thing but it sounds like fun and i wish we did.

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    Well sbazo, i'll see you on Saturday. It's 5 days away and i feel like it's tommorow! BTW find me before we get on the bus.

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