Any Marine Corp League Members?
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    Any Marine Corp League Members?

    Who's planning on attending the Nation Convention this year?

    My detachment is hosting it...

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    Member; not attending the National Convention this year...

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    Yes, I do know the Commandant. I'm the Jr Vice for the detachment. I will keep a look out for you while there. Should be a great convention working on some good stuff. Plus myself and another Marine are in charge of the hospitality suite....

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    Member..not attending convention.

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    Ask Super Dave what was discussed at the November Big "D" meeting. I'll bet he can't even remember what we had to eat...Huh Dave? HA,HA,HA!

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    Ummm...No...Eyes were fixed upon a Red least what was inside it...

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    Member not attending convention. to much other stuff going on.

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    Marine Free Member gwladgarwr's Avatar
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    Smile Any Marine Corps League Members?

    Post 333, Mickey Finn Detachment, Marine Corps League, Triangle, VA (Crossroads of the Marine Corps, right outside the main gate!). Can't make it to the convention - have duty!

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    Super Dave,
    Well, I admire your honesty. What color lipstick was the the commander wearing? OOOhhhh!

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    Jacksonville Detachment 059, not attending

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    You mean there were other people there?

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