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Thread: grand daughter

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    grand daughter

    yep, my grand daughter was born tonite at 22:50 hrs or 10:50 pm. recieved the call from the mrs. she well know that she has a great big family of Marines out there to watch over her..i just might go down and take a peek at her later or in the am...

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    Congradulations Grandpa!!!
    I hope she brings you as much joy as my granddaughter brings me, my second granddaughter is just over two months old.
    Waits till she sneeks up on you and place a big wet kiss on grandpa cheek...
    Again enjoy, she will grow on you...

    Semper Fidelis

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    My Congradulations also. I too have a granddaughter and to hear her call me "granddaddy", for the first was worth a ton of gold. Say hello to the family. charlie222 over & out.

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    Congratulations, Grandpa Mouse! Nothing will grab your heart as quick as a little grand-daughter. That's God's reward to you for having children. I know you'll enjoy her.


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    Congrats for sure, but WE WANT PICTURES !!!

    No grandkids yet, maybe we raised ours right after all

    But with neices and nephews running around, I'm already making plans to spoil em.

    I've got a niece and nephew all nervous as sh!t. They have a 3 yr old that I teach new words to.

    The last was


    Again, congratulations to you and the C.O.
    And so, another generation of Marine is born


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    Congratulations, Grandpa!

    Now is the time to get back at your children and spoil those Grand Kids.......LOL


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    Thank you all, your friends, and most of all the nations finest. the MARINES. and pray for the 5 brave men who lost their lives and their familys..

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    Let me add my congratulations as well. My son gave me a grandson in February. This has given me more joy than I can remember in a very long time.

  9. #9 Marine daughter is working on my 2nd grandchild now....another future Marine.

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    congrats MarinePa.........

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    d c taveapont

    Now you can change your profile to say, and one grand daughter.

    Have five daughters and two sons but no grand children yet.

    I can wait. LOL


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    yep, she was 181/2 in, weighted 6 lbs 13 ozs. shes small considering her dad. my son is 6 ft 1 ins tall. weights 198 lbs and played nose guard for two high schools. now he works for the rec dept. for the ute indian tribe. the mrs is so proud. well Marines have to get to work......

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    Congrats d c !!!
    I've got 3 grandsons 6,3, and 10 months but still waiting for that first granddaughter.
    sEMPER fI!!!

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    Congrats DC.......When I ask my 2 yr old Grand Son "what does a Marine say? he says OORAH!!

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    Shes home Marines. i held her yesterday. oh the mrs is so happy. thats two grand daughters.

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