Future Marine, i swear in the 28th
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    Future Marine, i swear in the 28th

    Just wanted to introduce myself on the forums and say hello to all the Marines who serve our country so faithfully. Im a freshman at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL and will be sworn in September 28th to the Marine Corps. Just wanted to figure out what unit i would probably end up in and so forth. Im doing the Des Moines, Iowa Reserve Infantry Unit. Ive always wanted to serve my country and now i finally have the oppurtunity to. Just wanted to say hello and thanks to all Marines present and past for what I have.

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    Welcome aboard

    Welcome aboard. Hopefully there will be others who can say it better than I can.

    However, and on the surface there may not appear to be many who agree with MY point of view, DON'T settle for merely serving your country. Waitresses, busboys, and housemaids are servants.

    I liked an old army recruiting slogan, "Be all that you can be".

    MCRD is a metamorphesis, a rebirth. Born again Christians don't truly understand the term. At MCRD you WILL be born again, in body, mind, and spirit.

    The Corps DEMANDS your best, and helps you achieve it.

    Your best is what your country needs. And if your best is good enough, you will not be serving, but leading. You will be helping to change, helping to make better.

    A servant maintains the status quo. A servant carries the bags.

    You have accepted a golden opportunity. Go for it.

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    Thumbs up Congratulations!

    When do you ship to boot camp?

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    Good Luck!!!!Remember"Grunts can do anything"

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    Good for you!

    As 0311 has already said, don't settle for anything less than being a GRUNT!

    If you're handsome, smart, speak good English, can finagle, are loved by women, and can drink Hoopes cleaning oil with your coffee, they just might make you a machine gunner.

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    Im off to boot camp as soon as I finish this school year, so next summer. My recruiter told me i would most likely go to San Diego I think for boot.

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    Welcome Aboard Matt and I think FirstSgtMike pretty much
    said it all, so I echo his words....good luck!

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    We look forward to you joining our ranks

    Becoming a Marine is a significant decision to make. One that is not usually easy to make. From my experience, I will tell you the path you have chosen will be well worth the blood, sweat and tears you will give to earn the title Marine. Never lose your focus and remember not everyone can become a Marine. For those proud few who wear this uniform, there is never a day that goes by that you question whether you made the right choice.

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