VMA 121 Korea/Vietnam
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    VMA 121 Korea/Vietnam

    Wonder if any of you served in this Squadron, in Korea or Vietnam

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    Was/Always will be a Green Knight

    Joined 121 in the spring of 1966 at El Toro and served with 121from then until I was MedEvac'd out in Dec '67 and rejoined 121 in the summer 0f '68 till iwas MedEac'd out again in Dec'68. Was one of Polluck's Puke "on the line."

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    2 pics from CHu Lai when VMA 121 was attached to MAG-12

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc4669 View Post
    Wonder if any of you served in this Squadron, in Korea or Vietnam
    I joined VMA-121 in September of 1967 and was medivaced out in October of 1968.

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    I am searching for my biological father who was at El Toro in 1966. His last name is
    Mahan. He was supposedly from Texas. He went to Vietnam and returned in late 1967 hoping
    to reunite with my bio mother and raise a family, but was turned away by her. Any
    help/info would be appreciated as my efforts have produced nothing to date. I even tried
    my congressman.


    B. Reese 626-381-8252

    My birth name was Mark S. Mahan

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