One good democrat
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    One good democrat

    Can you believe the only one that is worth two cents the Democrats don't want?

    Joe Lieberman
    Al Gore's running mate in 2000's contest, Lieberman is the most hawkish of the nine candidates and probably stands as much chance as any of them of becoming president. Won rave reviews for his performance in 2000 but now, at 60, this earnest conservative may have trouble generating enthusiasm. He is a deeply religious Orthodox Jew who dislikes sex and violence in films and supports the war on terrorism.

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    The only good Democrat didn't run for president--Georgia Senator Zell Miller, USMC '54-58, Sgt., 10th Marines

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    Ya'll listen up. The CLINTON'S run the democratic party...okay?
    They ain't gonna let Kerry or anyone else get into office. Why? Cause then in 2008, Hillary would have to run against the incumbent Prez. Mark my words, if I'm wrong? I'll eat at a greasy spoon......The EAGLE HAS SPOKEN.

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    kentmitchell: True, only he wasn't running, I was talking about the ones that put their hats in the ring at first.

    BigEagle6: You may be right, but I don't think that John F. Kerry really gives a sh!t about the Clinton's, He has Ted Kennedy behind him Ted like his name J.F.K., get it?

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    You may well be right. Clinton and their organization backed Wesley Clark, and he's out of it. Maybe they backed him, hoping he would get the nomination, while knowing he didn't stand a chance of winning the general election in Nov. That would leave it open for Hilary to run against GW in '08. Now, they face a conundrum. Kerry stands a good chance of winning, and there's no way Hilary will run against an incumbent Democrat in 08. I'm guessing theClinton's are hoping Kerry barely loses, and she will run in '08. If Kerry wins, she may run as an independant or start a new party. Heard scuttlebutt to that effect anyway. How old will she be in 2008 anyway?

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    greybeard: Hilary to run against GW in '08. G. W., who's that George Washington? LOL No George W. if he is reelected won't be able to run in 2008, two terms limit remember?

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    Joe Lieberman was the only Democrat halfway toward being middle of the road. He tarnished himself in the 2000 race by having to kowtow to Al Gore's agenda. He is the only one who actually stood by his voting record in this election.

    The only other honest man was Howard Dean. Love him or hate him, he spoke his mind, even with his historical screech. I give him credit for sticking it out as long as he did, against all odds. He went on until his campaign machine fell apart beneath him. That took guts.

    If Senator Zell Miller had run, then the entire race would be up for grabs. He is one democrat I would consider for the job of President. But he didn't run, so its merely speculation.


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    Cain't catch a bit of slack round here.

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    Re: One good democrat

    Originally posted by usmc4669
    Can you believe the only one that is worth two cents the Democrats don't want?

    Joe Lieberman
    He is a deeply religious Orthodox Jew who dislikes sex and violence in films
    Well, I have to agree that he is the best of the bunch if you don't mind the fact that he is Pro Abortion, ie---a pro baby killer.

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    [b]Best Democrat[/b]

    That's only one strike against him, at least the Republicans could have worked with him, what difference does it make George W. going to be reelected isn't he?

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    Don't know--Clinton wasn't going to be re-elected, was he?

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    Don't know--Clinton wasn't going to be re-elected, was he?

    Are you being funny; what has Clinton to do with this? He served two terms, remember?

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    Yes 4669, I'm being "funny".

    But remember, his wife didn't. Or did she? Was it really two for one?

    (I Like your flags.)

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    [b]Now how did she get into this disscussion, remember whenSlick Willie was running, what he said, when you get me you also will get Hillary, two for the price of one.

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    I'm not sure she is worth half price---LOL.

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