Nancy Pelosi defies Democratic Party with plans to Retire in the FREE State Florida
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    Nancy Pelosi defies Democratic Party with plans to Retire in the FREE State Florida

    That's right, none of us could see it coming, but Nancy is in the process of closing on her $25 million dollar ocean front retirement home here in the Free state. Fortunately her ice cream freezers should fit inside this 10,000 sq ft mansion.

    What I've heard through the Grunt Grapevine is that Nancy has chosen to retire close to Trump with DeSantis being her governor since she's destroyed her current home state of California. Obviously Nancy has no fear of global warming and she was quoted as saying that the virus isn't really that bad down there. For more info click the link below;

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    The writing has always been on the wall about all of these gloom and doom BS money theft rings...

    Global Warming when the Artic Ice Sheet has grown huge this year...

    Never any accountability for Politicians... Ever...!!!

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    One thing about it, Russ.....Pelosi won't have to buy you a plane ticket now, when ya'll get together.....Thing is she had to go to Florida because the real free State of Texas banned her after they cancelled her green card.

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    You know me brother, I don't want shivt from that ugly bittich. At least she's on the opposite coast, I'm on the left coast that's all conservatives. Just saying.

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    wouldn't have that biotch in my state... she'll try to screw it up like the hellhole she came from...

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    I live in a Florida town with a Confederate statue outside the courthouse. Boys around here proudly fly the Stars & Bars on the back of their pickups. She ain't welcome in this county.

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