Sgt Glen Lunsford...
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    Sgt Glen Lunsford...

    Sergeant Glen Lunsford crawled alone into a Viet Cong tunnel, armed with a pistol and a flashlight. Though wounded by a grenade thrown at him while underground, Lunsford entered the tunnels 3 times, twice returning with prisoners. For his incredible daring and courage, Lunsford would be awarded the Navy Cross. Tragically, he was killed in action 3 days later.
    “...serving with Company D, First Battalion, Seventh Marines, on 3 February 1968. Upon the discovery of a large cave complex, Sergeant Lunsford volunteered to accompany a reactionary force to destroy the tunnels.

    Locating several camouflaged underwater entrances to the cave, he placed a Marine near each of them to prevent the VC’s escape. Unable to use explosives because of the necessity of obtaining prisoners, he supervised the excavation of an underground enterance.

    Upon completing the new enterance, he threw a tear gas grenade into the opening, routing three VC who broke from the cave throwing grenades and were killed. Armed only with a pistol and a flashlight, he entered the tunnel and moved along a narrow passageway until he discovered a large room.

    Observing two VC trying to escape through an underwater passageway, he killed one and captured the other.

    Interrogation of the prisoner revealed that there were numerous enemy soldiers still in the cave complex.

    Realizing that the enemy was aware of the tunnel being searched and confined in a small area, Lunsford nevertheless reentered the tunnel. As he neared a sharp bend, a concealed VC tossed a grenade which wounded him in both legs.

    Although painfully wounded, Lunsford lunged forward and captured the VC as he attempted to escape.

    After bringing his prisoner to the top, he fearlessly reentered the tunnel with several comrades and searched the numerous small rooms and tunnels. His diligent efforts resulted in the capture of several weapons, supplies, and valuable intelligence information.”

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    He would say he was just doing his job.
    Most real heroes are unlike the pseudo-heroes of today.

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    Great Marine....loaded with Honor...

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